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Matilda Mae Wood

I can't wink, but yet my niece- TILLIE- already can. What a doll I know. I realized something new about myself. I didn't cry when Melissa was on her way to the hospital or when my mom and I waited and waited until she called after the c-section. I didn't cry when I heard her first cry or anything. Lizzy asked me, "So when did you first cry? Because I cried when I saw the first picture." But I didn't cry until the next day when I decided to watch a baby story on tlc. During the first episode when this random lady saw her baby for the first time, I was a mess. Multiple tissues had to be used. But luckily I had the strength to watch 4 more episodes. Yep, that's right. I usually can not stand watching that show because they show a little too much for me but when I thought about Melissa in all the situations, it wasn't gross at all- just miraculous. So I will probably be able to watch that stuff for about 2 more weeks and then I will be grossed out. But for now- I think it is pretty cool.
So now that my mom left Alpine to help Melissa and Tillie and Aaron, I have taken over the fort here. I always thought I knew what my mom did, and I do notice it- but my oh my, doing it myself is so much work. You always have to load the dishwasher and then unload it right after. And you work so hard to make a meal and then right after you have to clean it up. Which yes hopefully I have been doing all year at my own apartment- but doing it for 3 other people can be time-consuming. Luckily I have made this motherhood week fun already. When my mom was still here I went shopping with her friends to a fabric store and then out to lunch. Party Hearty with the sew much more quilt group. Then I made a purse (thanks to my room mate Summer's encouragement) Then I made soap and stitched things on my skirt. And we have had crepes, hamburgers, and hawaiian haystacks. Although hopefully when I am a mom I won't watch TV very much and I will just talk on the phone like my mom. Not that she only talks on the phone but she is always chatting with her children and neighbors when she is multi-tasking around the house. That is cool. Day time TV is not cool (unless it is TLC once in awhile :) )

I can only go a few minutes without seeing a picture of my niece. Ok that isn't true- but for Lizzy it certainly is. Everytime we come home from anything the first thing she does is check Melissa's blog for more pictures. Well I guess I will be slowly fading from my motherly weekend because I start a new job tomorrow at a floral shop in Provo. I want to wear something springy, but I don't want to be over the top and wear like my big floral print capris. I wore those the other day and let's just say there was not a positive response, apparently people thought I was playing dress up. Everyday is dress up. Anyway, we shall see how the job unfolds. Wish me luck!


"WATER has Broken..."

Please read that to the tune of Cat Stevens. Melissa has been in at the hospital all night and has been in labor for 24 hours now. Awesome! Even though the only people that read this are my family and they already know she is dilated to a 5, I thought in case Jana Wheadon checked- then she would know. So there ya go Jana!
P.S. I am moved home now so I was listening to Aaron give me mom the update on the speaker phone and then Melissa yelled from the background, make sure my mom gives Becca an update. And my mom said, "Oh don't worry she is standing right here." That made me feel nice.
Pictures to follow soon! I am praying for a red head myself, but anything would be ok.



Another Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie

I have way too much homework. I am just twisting my fingers until I can be done at 10:00 on Tuesday when my final ends and I can have a couple reading days of peace. Thank you BYU for the blessed reading days. Anywho- I just scanned this on to my computer and i think it is simply adorable. Go Mom!


My sister is with child

Don't be frightened. I turned out alright... Right?

So Melissa's blog has all these pictures of her and Aaron as a baby. And Melissa has this idea that she was the cutest Snyder baby. You might not hear her say it on an everyday basis, but pull out the scrapbooks and the pride is just oozing. The worst part about it is that my mom completely agrees. She will be like, "Well Melissa does have that golden blonde hair and ...blah...blah" At least that is all I hear because I zone out- on purpose. But Melissa is out of the state, giving me access to all the photo albums. My mom, my grandma, and I were talking about my mom's wedding on Sunday. This is always a sensitive topic because my mom's wedding was not what we call perfect, romantic, best day of your life material. It included her getting ready by herself at the church house, her dad's girlfriend spray painting the milk canisters a metallic silver, and holding her veil in many of the pictures outside the temple. Nevertheless the day passed and luckily they have had plenty of awesome days to make up for the big day.

Anywho, I started looking at pictures from my parent's wedding and then little darling Emily. I don't know if it is because we look identical... but there are so so many cute pictures of Emily. I wish I had scanned them so I could include them, but one is of Em when she was three with her nose crammed into a blossom on a tree. When I showed present day Emily, she said, "Hey that is what the song says to do!" Thanks for the great illustration. And chunky little Jesseboy. What a doll. I think he wins the cutest Snyder baby award because his cheeks were so adorable. There are some great ones I must scan and send to him in Puerto Rico.
my first picture in Alpine, notice the darling white boots that my dad threw away because supposedly I wore them too much. Yes- many tears.

Anyway- now skip Melissa, and you have me! So I think that even though I am not pregnant or anything, I would still like to take this opportunity to reminisce in my awesomeness- thus figure 1 above. Last summer after my first family history course, I planned on digitizing a lot of my mom's records from her remembrance book. Did it happen? Of course not. I was too family-historied out to teach my class that had such great attendance :(. So the goal for this summer is to scan a lot of these old family photos (even though I am not in most of them because this was practically in the dark ages :)- it makes it ok to say that if I put a smiley face, it is like saying something bad about someone and saying bless her heart). So get excited for cool posts in the future with vintage photography.
Still don't know who this is ...

Oh wait there is no tribute to Lizzy and we don't want her to be left out. Fast forward a few years in our lives. Lizzy was born! And luckily we have her to entertain us and swing on the swings, and keep us updated with Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers, and pigs, and the cute boys in 6th grade. Especially one that starts with a D.... ha that is all I will say.


In honor of a blessed letter

Blessed day. April the second will go down in my personal history, not just because it is 10 days before my birthday. I was accepted into the art department today! Wahoo, go Cougs! That is what I say whenever I want to be excited about BYU and today is definitely one when I am grateful for this school. After my dad called with the news I went to art history and I was asked to say the prayer. So of course I mentioned how grateful we are for the beauties of the world that we get to study. And then as an extra celebration I wandered the HFAC by myself because there are 4 different exhibits up right now. Can you believe I am one of them? Crazy! Crazy Awesome!! Please enjoy these limes, they helped me get accepted.


Four Easy Recipes

My middle name is simplicity. Ok that is not true, I don’t have a middle name. But still- I live by that word. No matter how complicated people try to make things, I have always known the “hoop-lah” is unnecessary. This aspect of my personality meshes great with my love of food. I eat all the time but I have no money. Thus I am forced to make some decisions about what will really fill me up. Yes, I sometimes go for the king-size Snickers bar because it takes too much time to thaw the chicken and scrub the potatoes and steam the broccoli… But I try to make wise decisions because honestly I just prefer good food over junk.

Several years ago, my non-related aunt came to visit. She was staying for a long time so she ended up making dinner one night. We went to the store and bought fresh tomatoes, angel hair pasta, and garlic. We watched her chop and use olive oil, new concepts to our “cream-of-chicken” crowd. She used three large onion, 3 garlic cloves and sautéed them in a little olive oil with a tablespoon of butter until they were transparent. Then she added 5 ripe tomatoes and cooked it all for 20 min on medium- low. I remember when she was just about done, she took my hand and my mom’s and we went to the garden boxes. She showed us the herbs we had planted that I had never known about. “This is basil,” she said. I smelled it and smiled. She proceeded to finely chop the large handfuls she had grabbed and through it in the pan. Then she added a package of cooked angel hair pasta and mixed it together. I remember that dish like it was yesterday. It was simple, so easy, but so tasty. I have tried to mimic her recipe dozens of times but it just doesn’t taste as good as hers.

My brother loves breakfast food. For his 16th birthday party we served French toast, that is it. That is all he wanted. I remember one morning when he made crepes. I think he was in a French-speaking class and it was one of his assignments to immerse himself in the culture. Though he is usually never around for breakfast anymore, my sister and I love to devour crepes. When we have a free Saturday we eat a little cereal to prepare ourselves for the work ahead. Then in a blender we combine: 4 eggs, 1 cup flour, ½ cup milk, ½ tsp. salt, and 2 tbs. melted butter. I shake it up and make the crepes on the pan. It is on med-hi heat and usually I am too prideful to let my sister help. So she prepares the berries and the sugar… then we feast around 11 am. It is our brunch.

I knew the word crock-pot before I knew what cereal was. My mom loves our crock-pot! I got one for Christmas and have since given one to any girl I know getting married. They deserve it because it can change their lives. My mom typed up a massive packet of crock-pot recipes for our neighborhood friends and I have enjoyed this simple dish. In a crock pot put 4 frozen chicken breasts, and a handful of Italian seasonings of your choice, add about 2 cups of chicken broth. All you do is twist the knob to hi- not high, they use little words on crock pots- that is how simple it is. Five hours later, yes plenty of prep time, cook some noodles and add your chicken-ey sauce. Enjoy!

Alright I saved the best for last. My mother and I love to eat lunch together. We pour the contents of our fridge onto the counter and say, “Hm what could we do with this?” In the summer time, when I am home we come up with crazy things. My mom and I are experts at gourmet grilled cheese. All you do is buy a fun bread, sometimes we use your basic white bread but usually we have a honey wheat or sometimes Wal-Mart's rosemary French bread, Focaccia if it’s on sale, or some other hearty multi grain. Now every decision is up to the maker, these are only suggestions. But this is not a suggestion- you must brush olive oil on the outsides or if you want it real crispy just use butter. Then you must add cream cheese with a seasoning of choice (we swear by McCormick’s Montreal Chicken). Next add whatever cheese you have, for us it is usually just cheddar, but you can add your leftover turkey, ham, chicken, bacon, etc. Then slice up some tomatoes or add some spinach. Pop it on a frying pan or just broil it in the oven for a few minutes. Then take it out and have some pita chips with a spinach or clam dip. Can I say heaven? Yes I think so. Again, Enjoy!