Matilda Mae Wood

I can't wink, but yet my niece- TILLIE- already can. What a doll I know. I realized something new about myself. I didn't cry when Melissa was on her way to the hospital or when my mom and I waited and waited until she called after the c-section. I didn't cry when I heard her first cry or anything. Lizzy asked me, "So when did you first cry? Because I cried when I saw the first picture." But I didn't cry until the next day when I decided to watch a baby story on tlc. During the first episode when this random lady saw her baby for the first time, I was a mess. Multiple tissues had to be used. But luckily I had the strength to watch 4 more episodes. Yep, that's right. I usually can not stand watching that show because they show a little too much for me but when I thought about Melissa in all the situations, it wasn't gross at all- just miraculous. So I will probably be able to watch that stuff for about 2 more weeks and then I will be grossed out. But for now- I think it is pretty cool.
So now that my mom left Alpine to help Melissa and Tillie and Aaron, I have taken over the fort here. I always thought I knew what my mom did, and I do notice it- but my oh my, doing it myself is so much work. You always have to load the dishwasher and then unload it right after. And you work so hard to make a meal and then right after you have to clean it up. Which yes hopefully I have been doing all year at my own apartment- but doing it for 3 other people can be time-consuming. Luckily I have made this motherhood week fun already. When my mom was still here I went shopping with her friends to a fabric store and then out to lunch. Party Hearty with the sew much more quilt group. Then I made a purse (thanks to my room mate Summer's encouragement) Then I made soap and stitched things on my skirt. And we have had crepes, hamburgers, and hawaiian haystacks. Although hopefully when I am a mom I won't watch TV very much and I will just talk on the phone like my mom. Not that she only talks on the phone but she is always chatting with her children and neighbors when she is multi-tasking around the house. That is cool. Day time TV is not cool (unless it is TLC once in awhile :) )

I can only go a few minutes without seeing a picture of my niece. Ok that isn't true- but for Lizzy it certainly is. Everytime we come home from anything the first thing she does is check Melissa's blog for more pictures. Well I guess I will be slowly fading from my motherly weekend because I start a new job tomorrow at a floral shop in Provo. I want to wear something springy, but I don't want to be over the top and wear like my big floral print capris. I wore those the other day and let's just say there was not a positive response, apparently people thought I was playing dress up. Everyday is dress up. Anyway, we shall see how the job unfolds. Wish me luck!


Heather said...

I'm sure that you are doing a great job taking over for your mom. I have discovered that you get more down when you talk on the phone in regards to house work.

Life, Love and a Lil Sauce said...

Becca! I love you! You crack me up. Please can I see a picture of you in your floral capris? Baby Tillie is SO cute! And PS... Baby story is one of my guilty pleasures!