Much has happened recently but I keep thinking, "Oh I will post once I can get my pictures on to this computer..." But then I was reminded me of this book by an artist Melissa likes. Her name is Sabrina Ward Harrison and she makes art journal scrapbooky wonders. She went on a trip to Italy by herself to "find herself." She would watch all the typical tourists with the groups and guides and planned out itineraries, while she chose to make a friend with a scooter who taught her everything she wanted to know and would let her ride the back in a bikini. At work today we were talking about how in Gidget and every other fictional character that goes on a vacation- they always end up making great friends with random people in the middle of nowhere which they end up hanging out with the whole time. That is certainly not how the Snyder clan does it but Mary Kate and Ashley seem to have the same luck.
Anyway- Sabrina said this quote, "I see women here on these Italian tours with scowls on their faces, gripping onto their man's hand, him always leading the way rushing from fountain to classic sculpture. So much snapping pictures- proof they were here."

I love getting on facebook and seeing all these photo albums people have created. I don't like to put up albums- #1 everyone in cyber space (ok I am exaggerating- everyone at BYU) can see the pictures and #2 I wonder if people need to validate their event with pictures and tag everyone they ever knew so that they can prove they are awesome and totally social.
Well that sounds like a pessimistic downer comment, but I was just trying to be ok with not posting pictures. Even though I really want to put up pictures of Lizzy's awesome birthday party that included more good food than any other 12-yr old party on the face of the US (we had American cuisine: hamburgers). We made darling purses and each girl got to add their own unique details.
Ok anyway to balance out the negativity, I will show a picture of my puppy. I take that back, she is Lizzy's puppy (which I like to emphasize when Mei needs a potty walk). At any rate- I love the dog. My parents were going to give her to the neighbors last summer. I pulled a tizzy fit, literally I was so mad I went down to my room and sobbed- not cried- for at least an hour. My dad was shocked. He said, "I thought Lizzy would be sad, but I had no idea you were so attached." Nor did I. I wrote in my journal last July about all the specific ways Mei Mei has connected our family and I thought I hated animals. I still do, I think. Everytime it comes up in conversation, I say, "I hate animals- except my dog Mei Mei." Which I think is fairly typical. Anway, I remember the night that Mei had her 5 puppies. My mom woke us all up and we just sat on my parents bed watching for hours. Melissa would go check the internet for advice, Emily would grab rags and try to help Mei, and the rest of us were just crying. I think my dad cried too.

It was so emotional to see one puppy that was struggling for air, or another that Mei Mei was having pain delivering, and then just because it was so neat to see that 5 little puppies were really living inside of her. It was my first up close experience with the miracle of birth.

It was incredible to see. I could even argue that Mei's experience helped me understand Melissa's a little more- ha kind of a weird idea. Even when Melissa had Tillie, I was still in shock that the little blessed baby could really have developed inside my sister. Anyway I guess this is what happens when you are done with your job and you have no room mates and it is a little while until dinner.