I just made this brown butter balsamic vinegar sauce and poured it over penne. Plus the basil I have been growing is doing excellent so I topped the noodles with a few leaves. I felt Italian.

I was talking to my mom on the phone and watching my neighbors struggle with a balloon bouquet in the wind. I shouldn't have laughed, but it is funny to watch people trying to deal with balloons. Especially when they are trying to get them in the car and far back enough so that they don't invade the front seat area. Someday it would be cool to have a big photo shoot where it is really windy and there are lots of balloons.
Who doesn't love a cute little snail? I have been noticing them in my backyard because I have had to weed and get down deep into the roots and the snails are all over the place. I have this new game going where I see one, pick it up (with my gloves of course- how nasty would that be) and then I take it under our deck on the cement. Then the next day I come back and see what cute little silver trail they left behind. How do they decide where to go? If there is nothing- just cement, why do they decide, "Oh hey I think it is time to turn now." So anyway, I check on the trail and I see where they have ended up. They usually don't go back into the plants. Right now I have one that went on top of the outdoor furniture-couch set, up the wall, and is now on the bottom of the deck. He has been in the same spot for several days. The one I put on the patio yesterday has moved approximately 3 feet. It's ok I am not judging his slowness, I just wish he would do something a little more exciting. If you find a snail, feel free to bring it over- the best is when they interact with other snails and their little antennae touch.

Ha. Can we tell my family has left me lost and forgotten for the past 3 days?!


melimba said...

it's official. you are a total nerd.

and it is YOU that has been putting the rotten snails under the deck?! Sick! I almost smashed one under my foot... BARE FEET, mind you. It could have been a disaster. You are the one to blame.

go find a new hobby that doesn't involve disgusting-ness.

TheSandsCrew said...

Can I just say that I love your posts. They always make me laugh. You will have to make that sauce for Hailee and see what miss picky eater thinks.

Your awesome