Prince Edward Island! Yes I just returned from the blessed "isle of smiles." No joke, it looks exactly like this picture from National Geographic. Speaking of which, at church there was a couple that Emily and I were talking to and they invited us to their house which is a dome! You can bet your bottom dollar that once I upload my pictures you will get to see the dome. Anyway, National Geographic spent lots of time in their city for an issue.

Now that I am home and I get to surf the web, I saw this darlingness on etsy.
It is a ring! The artist, who goes by AnniePants, is selling it for $110. I think I need it.


emily snyder said...

i think we went to this picture. i think it was French River or Blue Heron something. unreal.

melimba said...

love the pictures!
and can't wait to hear the stories and see the ones from YOUR camera.

and what? love that mini ring! too cool. good find.

Lace said...

Becca I just found you blog! YAY! I hope you got the ring, thats absolutley amazing!

emily snyder said...

are you getting the shoes you put on melissa's comment box? they look so fun!!!