Wow, it's been way too long! I have been doing tons of overnight babysitting for my neighbors, but I finally have some time to breathe or in my mom's mind get my suitcase packed and zipped up for Jerusalem. And I figure if I am going to watch all 5 hours of the Olympics every night, my hands can handle only so much embroidery. Big news! My dear friend Leanne is getting married and we are so excited for her. Bridal shower planning? My favorite thing ever... luckily I have the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings for inspiration.
Now I should post some pictures of Prince Edward Island, PEI as Em and I affectionately call it- but we get made fun of for trying to be a local, so I am trying to refrain.

From the top of the dome house we went to visit

jellyfish season

sistah Emily

Lighthouse : photo courtesy of Em Snyder

Lobster traps

This is the train stop that Em thought Anne came. I convinced her that Anne doesn't really exist and that the rail stopped 100 ft ahead.
All in all it was a great trip. We went for the 100th anniversary of Anne of Green Gables but I think next time we go- we will only focus on the food, driving long distances and looking at the landscapes, and of course playing on the beach. Good times... good times. Hopefully Emily will post the food pictures. Yes, we took a picture of every meal we ate- it was all so pretty!