Well actually, I take that back- this picture was actually taken in Israel at a place called Advat, there are ruins here of a village along the spice route... super cool. Oh and ps uploading photos onto blogger from the latest version of picasa is the easiest thing known to mankind- I posted all these photos in less than 10 seconds.
If my necks looks strained in this picture, don't worry it is. Plus my friend Vanessa wasn't taking it fast enough so I got to hold this pose and I still couldn't even see the top. If you couldn't guess I am at the one, the only, great pyramid in Giza. I went inside the 2nd pyramid and almost suffocated- but it is all good because there was a sarcophagus at the end. It was a pretty cool moment to walk in under a pyramid and actually see that there was a tomb at the end of the tunnel. All of my elementary school teachers weren't lying.
I am at the Sphinx right next door to the last pyramid. Apparently the villagers living here many hundreds of years ago were really scared of the sphinx, so the priest went up and cut the nose in front of everyone to prove that it held no power. For some reason Sarah Jane and I thought hey, maybe we should shove our nose down too, to make the sphinx feel better... turned out it just looked awkward.

My attempts to be Egyptian: I told everyone I was trying to look like a pharoh with the big headress- but in reality I was worried that my newly applied sunscreen wouldn't be enough for the hour I was on the camel- even though I put it on so thick that my friend Brittney was literally removing white chunks of sunscreen from my face. Anywho- I decided to wear a light long sleeve blouse so it would be cool but my arms wouldn't burn- the pants because no way am I riding a camel in a skirt.. ugh. Then the shawl would go on first to protect my neck, then my wide brimmed hat to shade my face, and my sunglasses. I realized right as I was getting off that all my pictures on a camel would be more like a joke because I look like a crazy lady that doesn't know how to match- luckily I accepted this trend for the entirety of the trip and just be warned that the pictures to come only get worse- I usually always have on mis-matchy baggy clothes with shiny face thanks to the sunscreen I reapplied 3 times a day- and you may want to play "where's the shawl?" game. Sometimes it is on my neck, around my arms if I am cold, around my swimsuit at the pool, as a pillow on the bus... but most usually wrapped atop my head like the Arabs taught me in the bazar. So thanks Melissa for my little piece of home that gets to soak up all my sweat. Lots of love from the desert!


melimba said...

who are you?!?!?
AGHGHGH! I can't believe that ALL of your pictures have that "beloved" wirey hat?!?! and the shawl...WOW! I never knew when I purchased it in Spain that it would get to visit the missing nosed man in the Egyptian desert.
(i almost wrote "dessert" because I could, but didn't).

i love you.
i love how crazy you are.
and I love that you don't care if you look like a ToTaL dork on a camel.
love it all.
keep the pictures coming.
i want more!!!

Lace said...

Lol, you and your sunscreen. Is that by chance a result of when you went snowboarding in 10th grade and ended up with that crazy bad sunburn? Also I can't believe you rode a camel. I can imagine you kinda freakin' out about that...maybe not anymore now that you are a world traveler. Love the pictures, keep updating us!

emily snyder said...

wow - melissa stole the words out of my mouth!! really, i was going to write in HUGE letters, "WHO ARE YOU!?!?!" and where are you from???

i sure hope you are washing the shawl - babooshka - lots. i am very curious as to how you became soooo obsessed with sunscreen. maybe its cus you get sick or my burns!!

i want more pictures too! only you can pull of the cute bag lady look!

Goodrich Goodnews said...

I'm Jealous

Keep the sunscreen on or you'll lose your nose like that pyramid guy when you get old.
Enjoy your once in a lifetime trip
Mama Goodrich