So guess who hung out with the Dead Sea scrolls today? Oh yeah that would be me. The second longest scroll is the Great Isaiah Scroll and it was on display at the Israel Museum in the exhibit "book of the shrine." The exhibit is in that dome thing above underground. The shape of the dome is the same shape as the lid of the pot they found the first scroll in- pretty cool. I tried to look for a photo of the pot but google is just bringing up other people's blogs and their trips to the Holy Land. Anyway it was pretty awesome and I finally spent money on souvenirs I would love- postcards! I got about 15 at the museum gift shop- so Melissa you'll want to see them and Em- you should be proud that I am spending money. Time to eat! Lots of love to the US of A.


emily snyder said...

i am soooooooooooooooo proud!!!! good, good job!! and talk about cool museum for the scrolls! i am anxious for you to teach famiy home evening for months on end to share your knowledge!!

melimba said...

as am i!
you go girl.
awesome possum.
love you.
you should call me again some time... because that would be fun. i love you. stay safe.

kars and linz said...

i'm so jealous your off on a fun adventure! not that being newly married isn't a fun adventure but how many times to you get to go to where you have been going!!! thanks for everything becc! i love you! your such an awesome friend! hope your having fun!

Lace said...

Whoa, that must have been so cool! Way to go on spending money, and even better on it being something you would use. Hope you have more fun this week! Stay safe.