I am sitting upstairs at the Center and my friend Shane wanted me to try to see if we could get the streaming of conference. It took about 3 seconds to install the plug-in and I could see the RS broadcast loud and soo soo clear. It is the closest thing I will get to HD here. So now the good news of my life. We get to watch all sessions of conference. Before, our branch president said we could only see the morning ones because of the time difference, but now they are recording all of them and we are spreading them out between the next 3 weeks. So tonight I get to watch the Sat morning session with all of you in Utah! It is so weird to be this excited for Conference- I always enjoy it but this time I am just craving so much to see the conference center and sing Redeemer of Israel and High on a Mountain Top. We are watching the RS Broadcast next week in the center, but I had to sneak and watch at least a musical number so I turned it on and lo and behold... I forgot that my stake was singing. And my mom organized it for weeks before I left and finally the fruits of her labor. It was one of the sweetest experiences I have had here to just watch that musical number. First of all- I had completely forgotten that it was my stake and second- I got to see so many familiar faces. I saw Sis. Brown from the north stake and some other familiar faces but then I saw sweet Sis. Anderson with the hugest smile on her face and the tears just started flowing. Not really homesick tears- but certainly love of home and familiar faces and anticapation for conference. I really want to watch the rest of the Broadcast now but I want to wait until it was scheduled especially since getting the feed takes up all the narrow internet width we have, but I had to watch another hymn. When they showed the front section I paused and zoomed in and I swear I saw the tall Toone girls. Where did my family sit? I must find your section! I love that the gospel connects us in every part of the world. Go Conference!


suzie zurflu said...

okay it is so wired on channel one there is always a comershal (spl) about study abroad"s and there is the pyramids, that arch that you are standing in and all sorts of stuff but it is so cool because i get to see them up close!!!!


suzie zurflu said...

ps. i miss you!!! and the whole is dug it looks so wired you can totally tell it is a pool now!! love you!!!

melimba said...

oh my goodness!
so many posts!?!?!
you GO, girlfriend!
loved all of it.
especially the part about losing fingers in the nile river.
love you.

Heather said...

I had no clue that your mom was organizing the music for conference. We were in the middle of moving so I didn't get to see it, but rest assured that I will eventually.