The Egyptian tour

I know I know, we had to make a pyramid at the pyramids. So I made the boys get their pants all dirty because I needed this picture! This is the 2nd pyramid at Giza and the one I got to walk in! It is so weird to go in a pyramid. I was way claustrophobic in there, there is no ventilation and everyone is breathing tourist breath from every country and you are sweating uncontrollably... but then at the end of all these tunnels that you are ducking in, you get to this huge room with a big sarcophagus and we were all clapping and freaking out. It was great.

This is a shot I took from the bus- I have lots of these that didn't turn out too swell, so I will spare you from the others, but I like looking at them so I can remember what I saw even if it has my reflection in half of it. This is some mosque on the side of the street- it isn't famous so we didn't stop but can you believe how beautiful and colorful the Muslim mosques are?! Such attention to detail! Although I discussed with some of the girls that even though they add beauty to everything and special little touches- in the end we would really rather have clean water and streets than decorative railings and buildings. But I think it is really neat that even when living in poverty and bugs infesting all the vegetables and dirt everywhere- they paint their houses crazy colors and add intricate designs to their window coverings and have beautiful textiles in every nook and cranny. It is nice.

This is a perfect example of security in Egypt. This is at the airport in Cairo from when we took an evening plane to Luxor. This was the security check we went through and they told us we shouldn't take more than 3 fluid oz. so we were really careful about what we packed, and then they let us take in anything and everything including our liter water containers. At almost every other security check at other sites, you walk through and then the alarm goes off but they just tell you to keep walking- even when you are carrying a big backpack. Perfect example: My friend Stephanie walked through this check from the picture and the alarm sounded. The guy looked at her and said, "Are you carrying a bomb?" She said no and he said, "Ok have a good day." CUH-Razy! Anyway, this picture is of the employees breaking their Ramadan fast in front of the security check point and it was just funny because everyone was eating- not one person was even near the doors.

This is the great and powerful Nile river! It looks as big as the Mississippi but extremely dirty. I have never seen so much trash in a body of water. Sometimes in the smaller streams we drove by, you couldn't even see the water because the trash was so thick floating on top. Also some girls saw a dead cow floating- that is always nice. We weren't allowed to touch it- and Bro Huntington said don't even put your fingers in because we have had some problems with piranhas and we have lost a few fingers- but he said it in his really serious voice and I got all worried and was freaking out and then he started laughing. I am so gullable. There were no piranhas and we got to ride these lovely party boats 4 times. Aren't the boats so cute?!
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