just another day in JERICHO

Actually this is at Ben-Gurion's memorial he was the first prime minister of Israel. This is Allie from Boston, me, then Sarah Jane from Huntsville. Love these girls!

This is the pomelo Sarah Jane and I bought yesterday. We ate it today and it was definitely not ripe but it was way fun to peel.

This is a Greek orthodox monastery in Jericho. The monk here checked all of our clothes to make sure we were really modest before we were allowed to come in. It was a little dangerous, as you can see from the next photo.

Yep, totally hiked this mountain to get up to it. The monk said we could go to the balcony but only 5 people could be there at a time, and he said don't jump or else it will break, needless to say- I skipped out on the balcony adventure.

We are on lock down again today because it is Yom Kippur, but it wasn't so bad we have been studying for a big test and picking the olives at the center. Also, we are going into hard core choir mode because we have a chance to perform in Bethlehem in December! Merry Christmas a few months early!

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