Leaving Egypt on the way to Israel

This is the view from the mosque. If you make it bigger you can see the pyramids in the background. I like this picture because you can see how close the pyramids are to the city. My hotel was 3 minutes from it, but I always pictured it in the middle of a desert separated from anything- but no- they built up Cairo right around it.

My face is way dark, but how awesome is this picture. me, Mt Sinai, the sunrise... what could be better? The view was so worth the 2 hour hike. We had a lovely devotional up top with lots of hymn singing. I have some cool videos with every other religious domination singing their own hymns at the same time as us- pretty neat.

Another shot of the sunrise. I looked down from where I took this picture and 2 people from the program were down there and found out the guy was proposing right then to the girl. I am taking their engagement photos in a couple hours. Cool engagement story huh?!

This is kind of a weird picture to end with, but they were organized that way. We stayed at a super "SKETCHY" (this was Sarah Jane's word to describe Egypt- right when we crossed the border she started saying it and we decided it is the perfect word to explain every restaurant, shop, alley way, restroom... it was all pretty sketchy.) hotel in Morganland before we went to Mt. Sinai. I loved this chandelier in the shopping area. Have a good Saturday!
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Heather said...

What an amazing experience you are having. You will have to send us a postcard for our fridge. The boys love to get them.