"Let my People Go"

I love this picture. It sums up Luxor. I took this a few hours before we were getting ready to leave and we were all tired and sweaty and shopped out. So we relaxed by the pool (for my 4th time in 2 days- I can't wait until we get one now!) and then the sun was going down and the boats were out, it was awesome. Everyone loved Luxor the most out of our Egpyt trip because it isn't as touristy as Cairo. We were able to practice our Arabic and experience Egyptian culture. So many awesome adventures we had there!

Yeah I know this is hopefully the sickest picture you will see of me but it is my only picture from inside our train ride. That is my room mate Angela on her top bunk. She was sweet enough to let me take the bottom because I was feeling very very sick and this way I could run to the "water closet" rather quickly. This was one of those pictures where it was like oh yeah we should take a picture so we don't ever have to experience this again.

Mom don't be frightened. This is the outside of that car I was sleeping on- not the cleanest that is for sure. When we got on and we were all having culture shock I kept saying in a calm voice, "Brittany this is for experience, we can do this... it is just one night." We probably repeated that to each other 10 times before we actually fell asleep. And surprisingly enough, I had a great sleep and I got to open the curtains and see the cities pass by really quickly. I have some videos of this I will show you when I get back.

I have a few pictures of me and Brittany (friend from Calgary) in this mosque of Mohammad Ali, but they are so blurry because I refused to use the flash because there is such a nice ambiance with all these little glass lights so lets just be ok with pictures of the other tourists. We all went into this big room and took off our shoes and sat in circles on the carpet and listened to the history of this place. Pretty radical- it is against Islam policy to be buried in a mosque but of course Mohammad Ali broke the rules and his tomb is in the corner of this room.
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