This shot is dedicated to the "brethren." I was so so close to buying this do-rag for my dad, but it was such bad quality, so I hope a picture will suffice. And we are trying to do a "J" with our hands, we are not calling you all losers, I promise.

This was our first night in Jordan. This is the famous Sarah Jane. By some miraculous intervention we got to be room mates. There were 3 of us, so Sarah and I got to share a bed. How sweet, the blanket looks cute but trust me there were hairs (that we did not own) all over it.

This is me at the monastery at Petra. No it isn't the infamous treasury but I liked this more and there were less tourists.

I just got back from Jordan... wow yeah I know. It is amazing how much you learn about a country by only spending 4 days there. We went to Mt.Nebo and saw the brazen serpent memorializing his life, Petra to see the massive Nabatean ruins carved out of rock (intense pictures sure to follow). Petra was way cool! I made a little video humming the Indiana song as I walked through the pathway that Indiana Jones takes before he gets to the treasury. A lot of the rocks and pathways reminded me of southern Utah, but then some parts have these deep dark purple splotches. It is so crazy how many colors there were- so I took a lot of pictures for my friend Alex because she is a geology major and she can explain it all to me. Then we took a donkey rides up the mountain to a big monastery and oh my lands, I think it is even prettier than Indiana's treasury. It is just as big and it is way more effort to get up there so you feel like some explorer discovering this huge building carved into the rock.

Now that we are back, everyone is sick again. It was really cold and rainy in Jordan so we all caught colds again. It is pretty rough to have a Jordanian virus because my body is so not used to it, but I am getting better. It helped that we had our Halloween party last night and boy was it a hit. Who knew that 80 kids could be so creative with the few clothes we brought from home? In my room alone we came up with DJ Tanner, a telestial teal crayon, a rose bud, and I was a sumo wrestler. We helped our friends next door transition into a dove and a tree. My favorite costumes were from room 408. They were "bad girls of the Old Testament." One was Delilah and she was carrying around a hair cutting kit (she cut Samson's hair), then there was Jael with a hammer because she nailed this guy's head to the ground, then Potiphar's wife and she had a pair of boxers hanging on her necklace (Joseph's) and last but not least, Bath-sheba-my friend Sarah wore nude colored clothing with a towel, wet hair, and a pitcher of water like she was taking a bath. We have all noticed that our humor has become much more Biblical. All of our jokes use phrases from the Bible, and in all of our conversations we will be talking about somethng and then it always relates to the Bible and we say, "hey that is like when Absalom did this..." Oh goodness, only in Jerusalem. Expect Halloween pictures in the near future!
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