A day at the races! This was at the Roman hippodrome in the ancient city of Jerash. Jerash has more Roman ruins outside of Italy than anywhere else in the world. So this is the area where they would watch jousting and whatever other athletics. Our tour guides decided it would be fun to have a race between the two buses. They did a boy race and then a girl race. I won the girl race and we were all cheering and everything, chanting "Huffle puff... Huffle puff" because my teacher's last name is Huff. I was pretty shocked that I won because the other girls ran track and stuff that when against me, so that was definetley a little added bonus to the day. But then this group of Jordanian girls on a field trip wanted to challenge us. So here we are at the starting line. I am so hard core- pulling up my sleeves and everything.

This is an action shot, just because.

This is Tim and I with our little victory pose in front of the columns. Behind each column is where they would hold horses for jousting as they waited their turn. How cool!

This is the view from a citadel in downtown Amman. If you look to the left you can see an ancient Roman arena. It is huge! Super cool. Although Jordan was awesome, I was excited to be home. It felt so good to come back to my bed and food that I was comfortable with and I knew exactly what I was eating. Which made me home-sick because I thought wow if I am excited for this stuff at the center, think of how wonderful it will be to be at home with a kitchen and a huge bed and warm clothes and a rice bag, ah. Ok I will stop now. I miss you all!
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emily snyder said...

hello speedy??!?!! what? how did that happen? maybe you should try out for byu track! :)

very, very cool to not only race in an ancient race track, but to win!! very impressive!!

today, we went to sea world! remember how i love that place?? i so do! then went to Rudy's and saw brooke phillip jarvis' younger brother and sister and their families! weird!

miss you. we took pictures of the amazing breakfast miss and i had at the Guenther house for you!!

emily snyder said...

ok, i love that you
A) had someone take an action shot
B) ran for once, in order TO get an action shot
C) won the race??

you go, girl.
you, lizzy and your rice heating bags.
i love you.
can't wait for you to come home!!!
but, enjoy it all while you are there!!!

suzie zurflu said...

okay so i am so excited for you to come home and you should check out the scrapbook room it is so cute!! and also i am excited for christmas there is like ummm 46 more days!!! and there is like 40 days till you come home!!!! can you believe it?!! it has gone by so fast!! is that a new shirt you are wearing? it is so cute!! i am so proud of you for winning but it is oviece (i don't know how to spell that) that you would win any way!!! it is so boring at the house right now!!! no one is home and it was only me and dad home for 2 weeks and now dad is gone now too!!! what to do and i didn't even know that dad was leaving until 2 days ago!!

love lizzy!

suzie zurflu said...

okay so i don't ever get told anything around here!!!! i just found out that my last day of school for the christmas break is the day you come home and your flight is at 7:30 AM BIG PROBLEM!!!! so i might not go to school depending if it is an A or B day so ya......well i am bored here and can't wait for you to come home!!!!!

love lizbert!