We went on a tour of East Jerusalem the other day and this is the view from an overlook on the Mt. of Olives. We have been talking about the temple mount a bunch in New Testament lately, so I thought I would show the folks at home. The stairs on the left outside of the wall are the steps from Herod's temple. The Dome of the Rock is centered on the temple mount now.

A little room mate shot in our fancy clothes for the Seder meal. From left to right it is Lindy, Camber, me, and Heather. We were shocked that Camber showed up because oh wait, she spent the entire day in the hospital! I told the photographer to capture these beautiful floral arrangements on either side because they are so lovely!

This is my friend David with his beautiful floral arrangement! It looks a little sloppy in this shot since he is tilting it, but his major is landscape design so he can create beautiful things.

The distant shot of the Passover meal. For those wanting to correct us here, we know that the Passover is in the spring but I will be home by then so we had to do it sooner. You might be able to see my professor on the main table by the window in the back. He teaches us Modern Near East from the Jewish perspective. He is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Today we clapped and stood up after his last lecture and I was so near tears- that is how great he is. So in honor of his awesomeness I went all around East Jerusalem today to get a group gift for him. We had a pocket watch engraved, a BYU T-shirt made, flowers for his wife, and then my handy-dandy watercolor set (thanks Miss) helped me create a card. We are so sad to be done with his class. Anyway, I went to Bethlehem yesterday and it was incredible! I was so nervous and so giddy with anticpation that I planned my outfit out in advance. I knew I had to wear blue because I always picture Mary in blue and then I found a blouse that could almost pass as a maternity shirt and it was blue! So I borrowed it from Lindy and yep I wore it to Bethlehem- so get excited for some pictures.
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melimba said...

you are so funny.
i love that you planned your outfit so far in advance.
a maternity shirt though?? becca...

i love you.
good post.
keep up the pictures!!! WE LOVE THEM!

emily snyder said...

amen to miss' comment!! you, our favorite camel dresser, planned it the shirt and color all out. but i makes sense - when will you be in Bethlehem again? of course you need to make it as perfect as possible.

i love how wonderful you are that you did all in your power to show your teacher your appreciation and love. you are amazing. every teacher needs a you.

suzie zurflu said...

okay i will leave a longer comment soon but i am way tired right now because i haven't slept much this week so i will do a real comment soon!!! love ya and miss ya (and a little bit jk a lot a bit jealous) of you!!!! (you are so lucky to have this experiance)!!! (sorry spl)

emily snyder said...

post something soo please!!!!
happy thanksgiving - i love you!!!