Hola team! I haven't posted forever, I realize this. I start several entries but I get interrupted and never finish them, but I haven't regretted it because I have been doing awesome things and I don't really need to post it online but I just do because I love seeing how many people have looked at my blog- not in a prideful way, ok it might be prideful because it makes me feel good about myself, but not too good. Anyway- tonight we watched a little movie my friend made, it had clips of people hanging out on field trips, shopping in the old city, and just chillin at the center. But then he put it to slideshow music that makes people feel nostalgic. It was probably only 5 minutes but I was crying at the end because it felt like this program was over. So I stopped crying, gave him a hug and decided that I am going to keep soaking everything in and just try to push away all my homesick feelings. Everyday Lindy and I talk about foods we miss, people we want to see, activities we want to particapate in, clothes we want to wear, the list goes on and on and then we have to say ok stop we love it here remember? So mom- just know that I really do miss you all a lot and I have lots of homesickness but I am trying to not focus on it.

This is a little taste of my field trips. We are sitting on the steps of St. Peter's primacy church with the Sea of Galilee in the background.

me with the Sea of Galilee

This is the church in the city of Nain. Look up the widow that lived here in the New Testament.

SJ and I sporting our lovely treasures from the Old City. My Hebrew is covered up because I accidentally took this shirt to Egypt and they don't like Hebrew so much. Either way, I think we look cute.

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Jessica Lynn said...

ah, beautiful pictures becca. sometimes this happened to me too. also, yes I did skip back in time to when I knew you would be posting from jeru. I just wanted to see your experience. k thanks.