I am stealing Lindy's idea. These are some things I am thankful for this week.

Nature. I love my field trips, I really do. But during Galilee we were all taking in too much information. Sometimes you just can't absorb it all and you get distracted. Thus Lindy and I like to point out all of our favorite pieces of nature. When we were in Dan (it has the mainspring to the Jordan River and an ancient altar that Ahab built who was the first king of the Divided monarchy) we were trying to listen to something important about something ancient but we were just so distracted by these darling pinecones. Look how big they are! Plus it reminds me of autumn which reminds me of Thanksgiving, so I feel it is very appropriate. I am thankful for nature and Lindy's new obsession with taking pictures of things she found on the ground.

This picture is a little blurry, but it just captures us so well. We changed around the busses so that we could ride with a mixed group rather than just people in our religion class. We are on the Matthew bus and from the first time I walked on, I knew I had a special bus bond with Eli and Chelsea. We are the 3-some and we have way too much fun making pirate jokes. I am thankful for their companionship during the long drives.

I am thankful for Mikael and Lauren and their love for sea-shell collecting and I am thankful for the millions of seashells that are beautiful and detailed. But this also highlights my awesome camera. I loved my camera before but I know so much more about it now! It is my little partner in crime in the memory-saving game of soaking in every single detail from the Holy Land. I have yet to name her, but she goes with me everywhere- thanks mom and dad, this camera is the best!

Yay for Israeli Thanksgiving celebrations. As Bro. Skinner puts it- they combine Independence Day with Thanksgiving. The entire dining hall was decorated with red, white, and blue streamers, balloons and crepe paper. Plus we get fireworks in the turkey. It was entertaining and very delicious. It was a little odd to have dates in the stuffing, but whatev you only get a Jewish Thanksgiving once. Ein Gev rocks! Tova!
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suzie zurflu said...

yes! they worked!!! is that a turkey
? only 18 days!!!! i miss you, we didn't have you to do the christmas tree and stuff, bye!

love lizzy

Lace said...

Becca, sorry I haven't posted anything for a while now on your blog. You look like you are having way too much fun out there. I am glad that you were able to see things that you were thankful for. I hope that you are well and can't wait to see you again! Take care and have fun!