Girl + Midget


This is mostly for my sisters. Sarah Jane and I were singing Moon doggie's rendition of Gidget and we got caught up on youtube looking for James Darren. This was the fruit of our labor.


rail sliders

I have the rockin pleasure of walking up lots and lots of stairs everyday. As hard as they were at the beginning of the semester, they are kind of fun now. No, I'm not trying to sound super in shape we know that exercise is the last thing I've ever done, but I think of it as a little race up the steps and if you do it quick it really isn't so bad. Anyhow-- because of the so many stairs I have been noticing people's awkward movements and social mannerisms on the stairs. You can pass on either side if you are a boy and you're in hurry. If you are walking with someone it is best if you are on either side of the railing instead of trying squish onto one stair with your backpacks bumping and then everytime you try to make eye contact you trip a little- not good. Also, you shouldn't follow super close to the people in front of you. I hate hearing people breathe behind me, as much as I hate tailgating in a car it is much worse when you're just trying to walk on campus. I have noticed that people only slide down the railings when they are in a group of people. And it makes me mad a little bit because I don't like that people only "really live" when they're in a group. I may just be noticing these things because Malinda is a sociology major now and she really likes it, and so I feel like I should really like it, either way I have noticed. But people of the blogosphere... yesterday within a 30 second time period I saw 2 grown men slide down a section of the railing, and yep you guessed it- all on their lonesome. When I saw the first guy do it I smiled super big and was thinking of the awesome blog post I could write. But then I walked up a few more and I saw another do it! This time I could not contain myself and probably laughed out loud a wee bit. It was the best.


Longest Car Cd experience

So last year for my birthday, my friend Collin gave me the Someone Still Loves you Boris Yeltsin CD- also known as "sslyby" -as if that is easier to say. I think we put the CD into my car on April 14- it was a couple days after the actual day of birth. It has been in there since yesterday. I had never put it onto iTunes because I pretty much listen to it everytime I'm in the car. I didn't even know what the songs were called or what albums they were on, etc. But today I put it on my iTunes making it about 11 months that a CD was in the exact same spot on the disc exchange in my car. Pretty long, must be a good band. Thanks for the tunes Collin!


New tunes

One of the great things I love about having Sarah Jane as my room mate are the great tunes that flow from our little bedroom. She finds good stuff, I find good stuff and we dance and press repeat way too many times if we really like it. I have been making a little list of the artists that I must look into and use my trusty iTunes gift card from my parents from Christmas. But I decided to just post the goodies here. No worries, I did not opt for the songs to automatically begin- that is obnoxious. You have no idea how loud your sound is and then you are not paying attention in economics and you click on someone's blog link and wow suddenly the whole class knows that Becca is not paying attention. Anyway just scroll down a little and click play on the playlist.
Speaking of me calling myself Becca, this is a new thing. In Jerusalem they had Becca written on all my documents and my name tag so it just stuck. Now I think I introduce myself as Becca and I don't know how I feel about it yet. It's not quite comfortable yet. Well now it is super awkward to end blog posts so uh over and out.



Yep. I like map fabric. Any ideas for the couple yards of "Peace on earth" map fabric I got for Christmas? I was thinking maybe a skirt...

An update

I put it off for so long and now it seems like a chore. I think just like homework, it is best to do a little everyday instead of 7 layers of toothpaste on your toothbrush to make up for the days missed. So a story... yesterday I met my mom at Costco after the orthodontist gave my retainer a little tightening. Little Lizzy got glasses- they look great- and my mom bought me some food- bless her heart. She got to the check out and put up some bananas. She was just buying the things I needed first so I could get back to school, but she wanted me to have some bananas. But there were so many, so I had to split them up. We decided that I would split them up and put them under the car on the driver seat side so she wouldn't have them going around Costco and ya know not be able to prove that she had purchased them. I called my mom a couple hours later and yep she forgot about the bananas. So this is my public apology to the Costco employee who will have to scrape up the nanna mush in the parking lot.