Longest Car Cd experience

So last year for my birthday, my friend Collin gave me the Someone Still Loves you Boris Yeltsin CD- also known as "sslyby" -as if that is easier to say. I think we put the CD into my car on April 14- it was a couple days after the actual day of birth. It has been in there since yesterday. I had never put it onto iTunes because I pretty much listen to it everytime I'm in the car. I didn't even know what the songs were called or what albums they were on, etc. But today I put it on my iTunes making it about 11 months that a CD was in the exact same spot on the disc exchange in my car. Pretty long, must be a good band. Thanks for the tunes Collin!

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Lindy said...

First comment, this is a great privilege. I like sslyby, but I must say I prefer tpc. I guess it's all just a personal preference thing. ah ah. Love you.