New tunes

One of the great things I love about having Sarah Jane as my room mate are the great tunes that flow from our little bedroom. She finds good stuff, I find good stuff and we dance and press repeat way too many times if we really like it. I have been making a little list of the artists that I must look into and use my trusty iTunes gift card from my parents from Christmas. But I decided to just post the goodies here. No worries, I did not opt for the songs to automatically begin- that is obnoxious. You have no idea how loud your sound is and then you are not paying attention in economics and you click on someone's blog link and wow suddenly the whole class knows that Becca is not paying attention. Anyway just scroll down a little and click play on the playlist.
Speaking of me calling myself Becca, this is a new thing. In Jerusalem they had Becca written on all my documents and my name tag so it just stuck. Now I think I introduce myself as Becca and I don't know how I feel about it yet. It's not quite comfortable yet. Well now it is super awkward to end blog posts so uh over and out.
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