rail sliders

I have the rockin pleasure of walking up lots and lots of stairs everyday. As hard as they were at the beginning of the semester, they are kind of fun now. No, I'm not trying to sound super in shape we know that exercise is the last thing I've ever done, but I think of it as a little race up the steps and if you do it quick it really isn't so bad. Anyhow-- because of the so many stairs I have been noticing people's awkward movements and social mannerisms on the stairs. You can pass on either side if you are a boy and you're in hurry. If you are walking with someone it is best if you are on either side of the railing instead of trying squish onto one stair with your backpacks bumping and then everytime you try to make eye contact you trip a little- not good. Also, you shouldn't follow super close to the people in front of you. I hate hearing people breathe behind me, as much as I hate tailgating in a car it is much worse when you're just trying to walk on campus. I have noticed that people only slide down the railings when they are in a group of people. And it makes me mad a little bit because I don't like that people only "really live" when they're in a group. I may just be noticing these things because Malinda is a sociology major now and she really likes it, and so I feel like I should really like it, either way I have noticed. But people of the blogosphere... yesterday within a 30 second time period I saw 2 grown men slide down a section of the railing, and yep you guessed it- all on their lonesome. When I saw the first guy do it I smiled super big and was thinking of the awesome blog post I could write. But then I walked up a few more and I saw another do it! This time I could not contain myself and probably laughed out loud a wee bit. It was the best.


Lindy said...

Great post, great post. Thanks for the mention.

Nicole and Garrett said...

It's true! Taking the Maeser stairs two at a time makes it so much better. I always have a heart attack at the top of those dang stairs though. Also, I too have seen men sliding down those banisters!

melimba said...

first off, nice picture.
where did you rip that one off from?

second off, you need to start using PARAGRAPHS and COMMAS! No offense, but it was SO confusing.

Don't be a hater, but I had to re-read sections b/c I kept getting lost.

Help me find myself by hitting that enter key a few times and adding the comma more in your life.
love you.
two grown men, huh? they should know better.

i hope they rip their pants. BAHH!

aaron said...

becca. don't listen to melissa when she's mean.

plus, i'm a rail slider... but usually w/out a group. when i'm with a group i'm not as much of a slider.

i do it for the speed and convenience. that's cool your friend is a sociology major. i love that sort of stuff.