An update

I put it off for so long and now it seems like a chore. I think just like homework, it is best to do a little everyday instead of 7 layers of toothpaste on your toothbrush to make up for the days missed. So a story... yesterday I met my mom at Costco after the orthodontist gave my retainer a little tightening. Little Lizzy got glasses- they look great- and my mom bought me some food- bless her heart. She got to the check out and put up some bananas. She was just buying the things I needed first so I could get back to school, but she wanted me to have some bananas. But there were so many, so I had to split them up. We decided that I would split them up and put them under the car on the driver seat side so she wouldn't have them going around Costco and ya know not be able to prove that she had purchased them. I called my mom a couple hours later and yep she forgot about the bananas. So this is my public apology to the Costco employee who will have to scrape up the nanna mush in the parking lot.

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