April = Best Month Ever

My friend Julie has this great tradition where she celebrates not just her birthday, but her birth week. I am starting to do the same just a little bit. I listened to a birthday song this morning, I decided to throw a party and eat cupcakes, and have my parents buy me dinner tonight, and so many good things! I found this little beauty online... absolutely love it.

Oh yeah, speaking of turning 21, this whole celebration has reminded me a lot of Rory Gilmore, ya know from Gilmore Girls. She had this big thing planned out with her mom for when she turned 21, activities which I would consider inappropriate. Anyway, I have had the season 2 dvd box set sitting up on my window sill in my room for the past several weeks and I realized that it looks like a decoration, it is right next to the pictures of my family. Interesting... yes, creepy... a little. But Melissa and I were discussing this concept the other day. Lorelai and Rory have become like family to us. And some may think, "Oh my it is a TV show, go make some real friends." Which I do understand. But I have kind of grown up with this show. I started watching it in 9th grade and still at my ripe 15th grade, I continue to love it. The other day I saw it on abc family when I was flipping through channels and all the memories and shows came back to me. It sounds weird but it was a fulfilling experience. Ok this is sounding cheesy. I just want to say that even though people diss on Gilmore Girls and say they talk too fast and they aren't realistic and who really can drink that much coffee, I like the show. I like them and I like the lessons, stories, and laughs I have gained from the show. That is all.
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