Birthday present comes early

Big big news. I was pretty excited when I found out that Melissa and Matilda were coming to Utah. And even more excited when I found out their flight would arrive on the night of my birthday (and easter) (yep it's coming up- good luck coming up with something great to give me :)). But to my shock, I saw Melissa and Tillie with my mom in the parking lot of JCW's. They came 2 weeks early! Good gift or what ?!

Also, since I am home for a bit I was looking at old pictures of my life. And found this little beauty. Do I look like a sister missionary? Yes. Did I plan this? No.

Plus, I remembered about some photos I took last summer. I was trying to be all artsy one night when I didn't have anything to do. I walked around Provo and took some summery shots and actually ran into one of my best friends from high school that I hadn't seen for several months. It was lovely.

I rediscovered this beehive statue a couple weeks ago, and I love it!

Family picture minus Jesse.

This is just so South of campus- so I love it, but Lindy it is ok. South of campus is not for everybody. :) Raintree here we come!

Last summer, I was so obsessed with this complex. Every time I drove past I would look over so I could see all the pretty flower pots. Maybe it was a foreshadow of my future?

Or maybe this photo was... creepy!

I will live in this house some day.

Love the plant, stucco, then stone look. Well those are all the pictures for today, I should probably combat the weather and go to school. Have a lovely Wednesday and look forward to beauty in Provo very soon.


melimba said...

i stand corrected. you look MUCH older now than in that picture of you as a sister missionary.
seriously, you do look lots older. I think the bangs take off 6 years in the age department.

You are very mature looking.
and, artsy fartsy.

Kelsi said...

Bec, I love your pictures! Maybe if I was as talented as you, then I would start a blog and share my talent with the world.

Nicole and Garrett said...

Wow, Provo looks so much better in your pictures.
How could you not have planned that picture! haaha, you have a missionary tag!
Anyway, you should come over for dinner sometime! Or we could go out somewhere or sumthin'

Lindy said...

It was so nice to meet your early birthday present. Last night felt like my birthday- it was just that great. Thank you for the pizookie and the lovely conversation. I love the Snyders.

emily snyder said...

very sad that you weren't in the conference picture. but you were with a fun person :)