Birthday present comes early

Big big news. I was pretty excited when I found out that Melissa and Matilda were coming to Utah. And even more excited when I found out their flight would arrive on the night of my birthday (and easter) (yep it's coming up- good luck coming up with something great to give me :)). But to my shock, I saw Melissa and Tillie with my mom in the parking lot of JCW's. They came 2 weeks early! Good gift or what ?!

Also, since I am home for a bit I was looking at old pictures of my life. And found this little beauty. Do I look like a sister missionary? Yes. Did I plan this? No.

Plus, I remembered about some photos I took last summer. I was trying to be all artsy one night when I didn't have anything to do. I walked around Provo and took some summery shots and actually ran into one of my best friends from high school that I hadn't seen for several months. It was lovely.

I rediscovered this beehive statue a couple weeks ago, and I love it!

Family picture minus Jesse.

This is just so South of campus- so I love it, but Lindy it is ok. South of campus is not for everybody. :) Raintree here we come!

Last summer, I was so obsessed with this complex. Every time I drove past I would look over so I could see all the pretty flower pots. Maybe it was a foreshadow of my future?

Or maybe this photo was... creepy!

I will live in this house some day.

Love the plant, stucco, then stone look. Well those are all the pictures for today, I should probably combat the weather and go to school. Have a lovely Wednesday and look forward to beauty in Provo very soon.
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