Easter and Birthdays!

Look, Lindy is really excited for my birthday. Welcome to the slideshow for my perfect weekend. My birthday fell on Easter this year and we celebrated my niece Tillie's birthday on the same day so it was quite the weekend of excitement!

Me and Sis. Karren who is leaving Provo and heading to Brisbane, Australia on a mission!

Sweet grandpa moment.
From left, sweet Kelli (SJ's cousin) who will be my room mate next year!, Em, Lindy, and Bethany -awesome girl from Jerusalem.
Matilda enjoys her All American Chocolate Cake! Like mother, like daughter.
The women prepare all the delicious desserts for the special double birthday celebration. Melissa requested chocolate cake because she knew Matilda would really want it. But I think that Costco cake is a little too rich, so I opted for a pound cake with strawberries and fresh whipped cream.
This is a little way of saying- Hey Lindy if you are going to take pictures like this on my camera, then be prepared to see it on the blog. He he.
Ok now a real one, I think this was taken during pre-party jitters. Lindy came early and did karaoke so that I wouldn't be alone, in case no one showed up and to give me my awesome present and some hints at how to be an awesome 21- year old.
More Jerusalem friends! Nathan and Mikelle and her room mate Emma.
Now this was on the actual day of! Sarah Jane showed up on my birthday wearing the same jacket that I had just gotten for my birthday. We had gotten them on the same day in different cities. For the record, ths is the second time this has happened in our lives. Are we great room mates or what? Besides the twinner outfit, she also brought some great new tunes and the cutest plaid shoes I have ever seen!

We had to take a big group shot with the combined family birthday party. We worried it would look like an outside-the-temple-after-the-wedding picture. It did, but uh here it is anyway.

Wow OK lots of pictures! Basically to sum up the weekend- it was awesome. Truly it was a perfect combination of great friends, great family, and great food. Plus it was Easter- so extra special this year. Thanks everyone for making it great!


emily snyder said...

i really like you.

melimba said...

good work. great post. wonderful pictures... all except that awful double chin sick one of me towards the end.
that wasn't fun OR wonderful.

good birthday fun.
happy 21 years.
love you.

thanks for sharing your day with tillie mae.

Lindy said...

You sure know how to use those ugly ones against me. I deserve it though. I'm excited for next week... do you know why?