In honor of Matilda Mae's special birth day!

When I work I can listen to music. This is great because I am connected to the internet and I can use pandora and myspace to explore the music industry. Such goodies I have found and in honor of Matilda's first birthday and my hopes in being the most musically influential aunt in her life, I want to share some of the great artists I have found. I would recommend looking up only their clean hits because I can not guarantee that all of these artists have the same standards as you.
#1 on the hit list this week. "I'd Rather Be With You" Joshua Radin.
also his duet with Meiko "Sky" or sometimes he does it with Ingrid Michaelson (so claims Sarah Jane)
#2 Holly Conlan "OK" such a sweet chorus
#3 Bess Rogers "I don't worry" - the message is a lot like #2 kind of don't worry about the economy, everything is ok.
#4 Meiko "boys with girlfriends" all of her stuff is great though. she just did a concert with Joshua Radin in Phoenix and I was wishing I was there because they sound beautiful together.

Those are the best of this week. I really like girl folk artists but I haven't really given boys a chance, but SJ has and she has shared her good news. Brett Dennen, Matt Costa, Andrew Bird.
Also, say you like indie folk girl artists, check out the hotel cafe tour website from last year. Or there album from Christmas "Wintersongs" is super awesome but it isn't winter music season. But that hasn't stopped my listening.

Here is a preview of Joshua. I think the scruff look is really working for him.
In other news...
Sick Sick Sick. Lindy and I went to Wendy's to celebrate the fact that we are done with finals. But guess what we realized waiting in line? WE ARE SENIORS. Is that sick or what? I swear I am not that old, but apparently 3 years at college gets you a senior status. Whatev, I guess I will be one of those super seniors forever because I don't even have a guesstimation about when I am going to graduate.


melimba said...

matilda thanks you from the bottom of her little heart for introducing good music to her.

thank you.

and darling post.

and yeah, you are getting old, aren't you? :) naw. forget about it. seniors are awesome.

wait, if you are old, i feel older!
love. you.

emily snyder said...

remember how i had the joshua radin cd before you could even want it?? that is a moment i will treasure for eternity.

nice. if you are going to influence matilda mae with music, i better figure out something i can do to enrich her life beside strawberry shortcake and the scriptures. blast.

ps met SJ's dad in the cafeteria today. good man. he was nice and asked my first name when i told him i was your sister. can i tell you how much i love getting to be known as your sister? he'll think i'm incredible!

bethany jane. said...

hello love! i've found your blog! well, i searched around till i found it. i love summer. i have time to live! for the record... you being old makes me very old. i've been at byu since sept. 2003. it kind of makes me sick.

when shall we picnic?