I exist

Not that anyone looks at this or anything... but in case you do... I did not die. I have just been having a good summer, that's all. And to share my good summer, I decided to share some of my new favorite summer tunes. Actually most of them are not new because I usually discover a good song at least two years after it was released. That is ok. My playlist is on the right side. You can click on it. Some of them have only hit my ears a few times meaning I can't guarantee that they are all clean or even great. Good luck.


Shara said...

I read your blog Becca!

melimba said...

i read your blog too!
so glad you posted.
glad for the new music.

glad for you, in your life. glad you are feeling good.

i'm glad because you are glad.


Life, Love and a Lil Sauce said...

I read! And I am glad you are not dead.

Mikael Squire said...

Well it is about stinking time! JK. Lets play soon.

Nicole and Garrett said...

I read your blog as well! I am glad you exist :)