Well this post is going to be random... just like my summer. I was looking at the pictures I have taken this summer or that have me in them and most have to do with quilts or fabric. Interesting. I am too young for this. Either way, the pictures are not in chronological order. For example, the picture of Bryan was at the beginning of the summer when he was hanging out with people and now he has been engaged for a month... Sorry for the catch up.

This is a quilt by Adele (Lindy's mom)! We ran into this little beauty (well big and complex beauty) at the Utah Quilt Show at the Springville art museum. Yep she totally won a blue ribbon for this. She got the visual impact award, what that means I am not sure... but hey it has a blue ribbon so that is great!

Then we had to do a close up of me with a frowny face. This is Lindy's marriage quilt that she gets to have when she gets married. Meaning when she gets it, she won't have as much time to be with me. Thus the frowny face.
After I admired Lindy's quilt, I noticed this one next to it and I was reading the description and realized that one of my mom's best friends who has a visual impairment, hand stitched this entire thing with her eyes closed! Crazy awesome. So she got a picture too!

And then right next to Karla's (my mom's friend) quilt was the reason for the celebration. This is Sara's appliqued beauty that made it into the show. So Emily and I got to tag along with the quilt group to see it up. They probably regretted letting us come because we took a little too long in the gift shop. Emily found a print of this painting:

It is by a Russian impressionist painter, so even more reason for Emily to get it. And of course I had to stock up on art postcards.
We loved this applique. Cute little woman going out for a sunset swim.

Earlier this summer I tried to take some engagement pictures for Heather and Mitch, friends from Jerusalem. Yep they met there and now they are getting married next week! By the end of the summer there will have been 5 weddings of people who dated at the center! Crazy.
So, I don't know how to really take pictures of people but we did like this shot and they ended up using it so I guess we all got lucky! They are a cute couple. Sarah Jane and I have this theory that couples should kind of look like each other. Like since you are attracted to people who look like you, it makes sense that people would mistake you for siblings or something. But I think Heather and Mitch totally fit. Like you look at them and they look good together. Agreed?

Ha, I didn't mean for these pictures to be next to each other... :) These are my friends Chris and Bryan. They were in my ward at Raintree last semester. We liked to make food together. This was our BBQ chicken pizza delight... uh plus queso. Multi cultural night?


Lindy said...

My favorite part? The frowny face. It's a perfect wedding gift. Way to be prepared so far in advance. I love you. Bye.

emily snyder said...

love love love it!