Too Little Too Late

I totally forgot about this blog post! This was a couple weeks ago to continue my food documentation. I've pretty much stopped taking pictures because now I am busy in my life so the thought of wasting a few minutes to walk up the stairs and get my camera seems like a lot to do (wow I sound like an old woman!). Anyway, the Italian pasta is thanks to Steven and his Italian self. In the last picture we were trying to look like Italians... maybe...?

Speaking of busy I really shouldn't be hangin on my blog because I have too much to do. Or maybe I am really ok and it's just the thought process of all the things I need to do. Yesterday in the middle of my finance class, I finally made a list. But today I have modified it. Bullet points that used to say "read ch. 4-6" now have separate bullets for each chapter so that I can feel like I accomplished something and check it off the list. I have also considered making bullet points for each page of chapter 4 -6 because let me tell ya financial forecasting is not the most exciting read. I pretty much have to read each sentence twice to understand it. But hey it's midterms so I'm going to stop whining and get 'er done. Have a good weekend.



So guess what? My sister and I made some fabric. It doesn't come to stores until in March but it will be at the international quilt market in October. Maybe that is why I haven't posted very much this summer.

Anyway, we are super pumped. This is something Melissa has always wanted to do, and then she told me I needed to go to a textile school so that I could live her dream. But hey looks like dreams come true, even from BYU. If you want to see the rest of the line check out my sister's website here. She is a painter, her name is Melissa. She is my sister. We are partners in crime. Quilt stores around the nation- hear us roar.


I have like homework

I wanted the title to sound like a super mature college kid. But it is true, I have like homework. But it doesn't seem like real homework because it is so fun and I love it. Like for one of my design classes last week, I had to print out my favorite 10 logos and explain why I love them. Sweet right?
Well we still eat here. This was mine and Sarah's midnight snack the other night. I cut up some of those delicious Burgess peaches and grouped it with some ice cream. Sarah Jane started eating hers and then she said, "oh wait do we need to take a picture?" Yes indeed!

Speaking of midnight snacks, my sister Emily made delicious pound cake this weekend. On Monday we were going to have some with peaches and strawberries, but I was anxious to get back to Provo so my mom packed mine up for me to eat later. But then I had a friend waiting here at my apartment so I just put the cake away and forgot about it. Later as in 3:32 am later, I woke up and my stomach was speaking to me. It told me I was hungry and that I NEEDED the pound cake. I thought well it's ok I will just eat it for breakfast instead. But then I worried that all the juices in the fruit would absorb into the cake and make it a soggy mess. No one wants a soggy mess for breakfast. So I got up, went downstairs, turned on all the kitchen lights (ah the greatness of having 3 floors- no one had to know I was awake and scouring the kitchen), and found my mom's package of my dessert. Of course she had thought through all the details. The cake was in a ziploc so the fruit wouldn't soggify it. So I could have just gone back to sleep, right? No. Now I was ready to partake. So I hate the whole thing right then and there. It was a lot of food. Probably 7 sliced strawberries and an entire peach on a large piece of cake. It looked beautiful and I should have taken a picture but I wasn't really thinking about my blog at that time of night. Clearly I only had my stomach on the mind.

Sidenote. Tonight I went to a little party at the Museum of Art for art students. I wasn't going to go because it was for freshman which I am not. And I didn't have anyone to go with, blah, blah. But Sarah said she would go. So we zipped on over and lo and behold, we met Lindy in the middle of the crosswalk. Completely and totally unplanned. It was like a little bit of awesomeness. So she came with us to the MOA. It was weird, but cool. They didn't have to be there, they both had other stuff going on but they stopped things because they knew I wanted to go. I guess Sarah did enjoy the "hot cross buns" and Lindy liked the lamps plus the decorating ideas for future weddings. But still they were content to just look at the little gift shop with me. I know that blogs are not the place for sentimentality. But I like my friends. They are great. I like that they do things like that.


Wedding Time!

Heather and Mitch got married! They both went to Jerusalem with me and now they are married. Super fun. Everything was beautiful so I have to share pictures.
The 4 room- mates. Me, Heather, Lindy, and Camber. From the JC (Jerusalem Center) to the Bungalow.
Some of the JC girls. Thanks Liz for the popped foot on the left.
Little Lizzy was my escort for the evening. Everyone thought she was older than me because she has such better hair and style.
Throwing the bouquet! Such lovely ambiance. We had quite the large gathering of women.
And yes, Allie and I did lead the group in Beyonce's "Single Ladies."
I had a feeling Bethany would catch it, and I was right. I made sure I stood next to her and we were throwing elbows like mad. I also want to note that this was her second bouquet catch in two weeks. But hey she is dating someone from Jerusalem... so I wish her all the luck.
Andrew and Steven waiting around for the garter toss. The boys were hilarious. No one even wanted to catch it. They stood in a straight line and went Mitch tossed it, it hit our friend Chris on the chest and then bounced on the ground. I was laughing way too hard to take pictures.
Some JC friends. Chelsea, Stephanie, Seth, and his new wife Stacey.
Steve and I posed for a picture and he made that face. Clearly I was disappointed with his pose.
Most of the JC folks that came. Minus Vanessa, Lindy, and Camber. Oh yeah and Mitch and Heather.
Watching the party.
No JC wedding is complete without the Havah Nagilah. Honestly, I don't much about this because they learned it in the Hebrew class and I took Arabic. But, I do know that it is now a tradition for our wedding celebrations. We did this dance at Seth's wedding, Sandee and Matt's, and now Heather and Mitch.
First you circle around the couple sitting in chairs. We go around singing the song and doing a little hokey pokey looking foot movement.
Then we raise their chairs up in the air in a circle. Then we clap and sing. I think the bride and groom are maybe supposed to be holding hands? Sandee and Matt both held onto a hanky together.
I dare you to click on this picture and make it bigger. Look at Heather's face. Is that a happy bride or what. Seriously I have never seen someone having that much fun. Ha!
Another thanks to Lizzy for being the group photographer. Oh yeah, Andrew took the bridal throwing shots so he gets points too. Great reception! Lots of fun. Go team. Go JC. Go love!


New place

Team bloggers! Hello to you and yours. Well I have moved back to Provo and my apartment is so cute! I decided that a senior deserves a senior looking apartment. Plus I have had to deal with less than desirable places of residence the past three years, so we upgraded to the cutest little condo. It has three floors and three bathroom and only 4 girls! We all have our own parking spot and closet- what a dream! Plus the kitchen is nice and there is space to really store things. In the past I would never want to really cook in my apartments because it is so squishy and messy and tight. But here, wow different experience. It is so fun to do the dishes and put things away nicely. So I decided that means I really need to cook. But sometimes it is hard to have the motivation to do so, especially when there is no one to share it with or all my room mates are gone and so no one can get excited about it. I figure if I take pictures of my meals and post them on my blog, I will be more excited and motivated to cook. So here is a sampling of this week.

My room-mate, Aly, has a rice cooker which I am super happy about it. I love rice but I usually don't eat it at college because I am scared of stove top rice. I have been spoiled enough to have access to a rice cooker all my life and now it continues to college.

So I fried up some chicken and zucchini, squash, and green pepper from the home garden. Then since I was taking a picture I thought it would be nice to add the parsley sprig and tomatoes :). Sorry about the plating mishaps. There are little brown spots on the bowl because I had to add a little aloha shoyu soy sauce (aka. the Hawaiian kind- which is just sweeter).

Aren't those flowers so cute? This year at the library they have changed up the normal floral situation, and added probably hundreds of these red flower plants. I don't know what they are, but I love them. So I took my pocket knife up to campus one night and snipped tons of these beauties before the landscape management team could track me down. Then we put up a line of clear vases on the windowsill with them. Presh, right?

This is what Aunt Kathy calls "fresh pasta stir fry." It is just olive oil with some garlic and onions sauteed. Then you add lots of fresh tomatoes and tear basil leaves. I didn't have garlic, which ended up being super tragic and not a lot of flavor. But I did add fresh oregano and italian parsley, once again from the home garden. My friend, Steven had some. I knew he would be a critical judge because of his recent two year sabbatical in Italy. And indeed he was a critical judge. Apparently not salting the water is a sin in Italy which I committed. He even had to get a little dish with a couple tablespoons of salt just to get it down. Hopefully it will be better next time. But hey the cyber world can't taste it, and the pictures looks appetizing, so I don't mind.