So guess what? My sister and I made some fabric. It doesn't come to stores until in March but it will be at the international quilt market in October. Maybe that is why I haven't posted very much this summer.

Anyway, we are super pumped. This is something Melissa has always wanted to do, and then she told me I needed to go to a textile school so that I could live her dream. But hey looks like dreams come true, even from BYU. If you want to see the rest of the line check out my sister's website here. She is a painter, her name is Melissa. She is my sister. We are partners in crime. Quilt stores around the nation- hear us roar.


Shara said...

That is so awesome! I had no idea that you could just do that. Now I want some of the fabric!

Mikael Squire said...

SO cute and SO cool! Nathan was telling me all about this the other day and he could not stop bragging about how wonderful and cool you are. I have to say i agree 120%. That means I love you more than he does