I have like homework

I wanted the title to sound like a super mature college kid. But it is true, I have like homework. But it doesn't seem like real homework because it is so fun and I love it. Like for one of my design classes last week, I had to print out my favorite 10 logos and explain why I love them. Sweet right?
Well we still eat here. This was mine and Sarah's midnight snack the other night. I cut up some of those delicious Burgess peaches and grouped it with some ice cream. Sarah Jane started eating hers and then she said, "oh wait do we need to take a picture?" Yes indeed!

Speaking of midnight snacks, my sister Emily made delicious pound cake this weekend. On Monday we were going to have some with peaches and strawberries, but I was anxious to get back to Provo so my mom packed mine up for me to eat later. But then I had a friend waiting here at my apartment so I just put the cake away and forgot about it. Later as in 3:32 am later, I woke up and my stomach was speaking to me. It told me I was hungry and that I NEEDED the pound cake. I thought well it's ok I will just eat it for breakfast instead. But then I worried that all the juices in the fruit would absorb into the cake and make it a soggy mess. No one wants a soggy mess for breakfast. So I got up, went downstairs, turned on all the kitchen lights (ah the greatness of having 3 floors- no one had to know I was awake and scouring the kitchen), and found my mom's package of my dessert. Of course she had thought through all the details. The cake was in a ziploc so the fruit wouldn't soggify it. So I could have just gone back to sleep, right? No. Now I was ready to partake. So I hate the whole thing right then and there. It was a lot of food. Probably 7 sliced strawberries and an entire peach on a large piece of cake. It looked beautiful and I should have taken a picture but I wasn't really thinking about my blog at that time of night. Clearly I only had my stomach on the mind.

Sidenote. Tonight I went to a little party at the Museum of Art for art students. I wasn't going to go because it was for freshman which I am not. And I didn't have anyone to go with, blah, blah. But Sarah said she would go. So we zipped on over and lo and behold, we met Lindy in the middle of the crosswalk. Completely and totally unplanned. It was like a little bit of awesomeness. So she came with us to the MOA. It was weird, but cool. They didn't have to be there, they both had other stuff going on but they stopped things because they knew I wanted to go. I guess Sarah did enjoy the "hot cross buns" and Lindy liked the lamps plus the decorating ideas for future weddings. But still they were content to just look at the little gift shop with me. I know that blogs are not the place for sentimentality. But I like my friends. They are great. I like that they do things like that.


melimba said...

that sounds delcious. the peach thing that is.
i'm not a huge fan of pound cake, but maybe i'd like it too.

and, good friends are magic.
glad you have found some.


melimba said...

not the way i spelled it before.

emily snyder said...

this is just one of the reasons i like you. hooray for mom's individualized packing. hooray for your great friends!!