Too Little Too Late

I totally forgot about this blog post! This was a couple weeks ago to continue my food documentation. I've pretty much stopped taking pictures because now I am busy in my life so the thought of wasting a few minutes to walk up the stairs and get my camera seems like a lot to do (wow I sound like an old woman!). Anyway, the Italian pasta is thanks to Steven and his Italian self. In the last picture we were trying to look like Italians... maybe...?

Speaking of busy I really shouldn't be hangin on my blog because I have too much to do. Or maybe I am really ok and it's just the thought process of all the things I need to do. Yesterday in the middle of my finance class, I finally made a list. But today I have modified it. Bullet points that used to say "read ch. 4-6" now have separate bullets for each chapter so that I can feel like I accomplished something and check it off the list. I have also considered making bullet points for each page of chapter 4 -6 because let me tell ya financial forecasting is not the most exciting read. I pretty much have to read each sentence twice to understand it. But hey it's midterms so I'm going to stop whining and get 'er done. Have a good weekend.


melimba said...

since I don't know any REAL Italians, you guys make perfect stand-ins!

looks delicious, all your food.

and, good luck with mid-terms. it is days like today that I don't feel bad I'm not still in school studying for tests. :)

i'll cross my fingers for you. and your list.

Nicole and Garrett said...

Becca! Your food looks so good! You should put up recipes :D