Wedding Time!

Heather and Mitch got married! They both went to Jerusalem with me and now they are married. Super fun. Everything was beautiful so I have to share pictures.
The 4 room- mates. Me, Heather, Lindy, and Camber. From the JC (Jerusalem Center) to the Bungalow.
Some of the JC girls. Thanks Liz for the popped foot on the left.
Little Lizzy was my escort for the evening. Everyone thought she was older than me because she has such better hair and style.
Throwing the bouquet! Such lovely ambiance. We had quite the large gathering of women.
And yes, Allie and I did lead the group in Beyonce's "Single Ladies."
I had a feeling Bethany would catch it, and I was right. I made sure I stood next to her and we were throwing elbows like mad. I also want to note that this was her second bouquet catch in two weeks. But hey she is dating someone from Jerusalem... so I wish her all the luck.
Andrew and Steven waiting around for the garter toss. The boys were hilarious. No one even wanted to catch it. They stood in a straight line and went Mitch tossed it, it hit our friend Chris on the chest and then bounced on the ground. I was laughing way too hard to take pictures.
Some JC friends. Chelsea, Stephanie, Seth, and his new wife Stacey.
Steve and I posed for a picture and he made that face. Clearly I was disappointed with his pose.
Most of the JC folks that came. Minus Vanessa, Lindy, and Camber. Oh yeah and Mitch and Heather.
Watching the party.
No JC wedding is complete without the Havah Nagilah. Honestly, I don't much about this because they learned it in the Hebrew class and I took Arabic. But, I do know that it is now a tradition for our wedding celebrations. We did this dance at Seth's wedding, Sandee and Matt's, and now Heather and Mitch.
First you circle around the couple sitting in chairs. We go around singing the song and doing a little hokey pokey looking foot movement.
Then we raise their chairs up in the air in a circle. Then we clap and sing. I think the bride and groom are maybe supposed to be holding hands? Sandee and Matt both held onto a hanky together.
I dare you to click on this picture and make it bigger. Look at Heather's face. Is that a happy bride or what. Seriously I have never seen someone having that much fun. Ha!
Another thanks to Lizzy for being the group photographer. Oh yeah, Andrew took the bridal throwing shots so he gets points too. Great reception! Lots of fun. Go team. Go JC. Go love!


SJ said...

wish I could have been there. Thanks for giving me the play by play and letting me experience the magig through you. Oh JC love.

melimba said...

WOWwow! two posts in ONE day?! I'M LOVIN' IT!

oh, p.s. choose the LARGE setting when you are posting pictures, that way I don't have to right click on all of them to make them bigger to see the details. just sayin'...

love you.

melimba said...

p.s. the story about the garter is SOOOO funny.
i was laughing really hard when I read that part.

good one.

i love how it just hit his chest and dropped down. good details. I feel like I totally witnessed it.


p.p.s. sorry it looks like THREE people have commented, but it's only really TWO. Sorry about that. :)

Lindy said...

Becca. I liked this post. I like that you put the busty picture of me, it made me feel special. I also liked the Mitch and Heather pictures, it always feels good to see bridal bliss.


I love the debut of the grey head band to the blog... I'll be watching for the coat and possibly even the shoes to make the blog some day...