Team. My major is pretty slam dunk. I get to take a photography class. I wanted to take it during the first block so that I had more sun light and pretty things to photograph, but it wouldn't work in my schedule. Now I am glad I waited because there are still so many pretty things in the winter. My teacher is a tough grader. He said if we complete the assignments and do them correctly, then that is average and the best way to determine an average grade is a C. So in order to get a B or an A we have to go above and beyond and make visually interesting photos while fulfilling the assignments. I have been pretty disappointed about my grades but they certainly motivate me for the next assignment. These photos with the food are from my color assignment I turned in yesterday.

Eggs from the farmer's market. So cute, so tasty. I recommend them to all. Way more flavorful than eggs from the grocery store. Plus the yoke is more orange.

SLC library

This last one was taken a couple weeks ago. Actually it was on Halloween. I went to Sarah's sister's Zumba class and had to capture "fluid motion" so it looked blurry. I felt super weird to be taking pictures of people while they were exercising and lots of them had dressed up for Halloween so it was way funny. But I was pleased with the shot.

Swine Flu Prevention

I am trying to be healthier. I got a swine flu shot and I have been eating somewhat good foods plus get this... I am running. I know, I hate it. I am considering not allowing my children to play sports while growing up because I played soccer all growing up and now I don't know how to do real exercise, like the consistent kind. I know how to play with the ball and run sprints but the last time I played soccer was too long ago and it is not keeping me fit. So I have been jogging through the little streets around Provo in the mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I feel really good about it. Even though I have to stop and walk every couple blocks, I am still amazed that I am waking up to do it. But today I had a partner in crime. Sarah Jane and I went around the track and a few places around campus. It is so much more motivating to go with someone when we can chat. Plus, her boyfriend is freakish runner (as in UVU track team... as in national competition next week... as in yeah) so she has lots of tips for us to improve.
So I am feeling pretty good. Which is too bad because my sister just found out she has swine flu. Sorry Em. But I will drink my pomegrante paradise smoothie in honor of you.


November, welcome welcome.

Didn't post for the whole month of October... oops. Probably because it was so beautiful outside. And I really love school. The other night I was making a list of the homework I needed to do and it made me so happy. I will give you a sample:
  1. Read One for the Money by Marvin J. Ashton and create a personal budget for the month of November and write a paper about how financial management can create long-term happiness.
  2. Check out books about pre-Revolutionary embroidery and textiles. Then create a thesis statement for upcoming research paper.
  3. Pick up perfect palettes book from the library.
  4. Browse through the Typography Annual Club book for class project ideas.
  5. Work on my personal stationery.
  6. Make sketches of Christmas objects for my CD package. (I am doing Sufjan Stevens Christmas album... which means I get to listen to it all the time at school for inspiration.)
  7. Scan sketchbook drawings for fabric.
So yeah, school is cool. I really like my room mates and apartment too. Plus my neighbors are awesome. On my street this week, 4 houses had haunted houses and Halloween dance parties. If that is not a party street, I don't know what is.