Team. My major is pretty slam dunk. I get to take a photography class. I wanted to take it during the first block so that I had more sun light and pretty things to photograph, but it wouldn't work in my schedule. Now I am glad I waited because there are still so many pretty things in the winter. My teacher is a tough grader. He said if we complete the assignments and do them correctly, then that is average and the best way to determine an average grade is a C. So in order to get a B or an A we have to go above and beyond and make visually interesting photos while fulfilling the assignments. I have been pretty disappointed about my grades but they certainly motivate me for the next assignment. These photos with the food are from my color assignment I turned in yesterday.

Eggs from the farmer's market. So cute, so tasty. I recommend them to all. Way more flavorful than eggs from the grocery store. Plus the yoke is more orange.

SLC library

This last one was taken a couple weeks ago. Actually it was on Halloween. I went to Sarah's sister's Zumba class and had to capture "fluid motion" so it looked blurry. I felt super weird to be taking pictures of people while they were exercising and lots of them had dressed up for Halloween so it was way funny. But I was pleased with the shot.

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melimba said...

wow. good work, becca!
color me impressed.
that is the second time I've used that phrase today. it's a keeper.

why did I not know you were jogging with sarah jane?!

sad that em has the swine flu. that stinks.

good luck in school. stay cool. love.