Swine Flu Prevention

I am trying to be healthier. I got a swine flu shot and I have been eating somewhat good foods plus get this... I am running. I know, I hate it. I am considering not allowing my children to play sports while growing up because I played soccer all growing up and now I don't know how to do real exercise, like the consistent kind. I know how to play with the ball and run sprints but the last time I played soccer was too long ago and it is not keeping me fit. So I have been jogging through the little streets around Provo in the mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I feel really good about it. Even though I have to stop and walk every couple blocks, I am still amazed that I am waking up to do it. But today I had a partner in crime. Sarah Jane and I went around the track and a few places around campus. It is so much more motivating to go with someone when we can chat. Plus, her boyfriend is freakish runner (as in UVU track team... as in national competition next week... as in yeah) so she has lots of tips for us to improve.
So I am feeling pretty good. Which is too bad because my sister just found out she has swine flu. Sorry Em. But I will drink my pomegrante paradise smoothie in honor of you.


Kelsi said...

Becca, you are the best running buddy. I remember watching Alex and Shara run off into the distance and we would end up just walking and talking. But way to be healthy and run for real now!

emily snyder said...

blast. does that mean i need to start running? ugh. fine. i'm going to a a biggest loser thing. if you and miss want to do it with me, i would LOVE it!!