First Snow Fall

I was super pumped for Christmas right after Halloween. I started listening to Christmas music all the time, and it was great. But then the general public gets bugged and tells me I can't be full of holiday cheer until after Thanksgiving. So I waited. Then Thanksgiving passed and I wasn't full of Christmas spirit. But today... we had snow! Plus last night our ward had an activity up the canyon at the cutest largest cabin ever and everything was all powdered lovely up there too. So now I am happy about this.
Also, another awesomeness factor from my photo class. Our last assignment is all about portraits. We had to photograph one person and try to capture more than just what they look like. I decided to do my mom, and boy is it stressful to try to tell people how to pose and then work with the lighting and everything on the spot while people are waiting. My appreciation and admiration for portrait photographers just went way way up. Here are some gems from the day:


Life, Love and a Lil Sauce said...

I always knew Denise was a model! Great shots!

emily snyder said...

the one with the kitchen cupboards in the back is incredible!! i think it is one of the greatest shots of mom i have ever seen! wow. good job!

Mikael Squire said...

So glad you are blogging again!

melimba said...

i knew she was a model too! :) i love the pictures of mom.
do more.
and get more NATURAL light so they aren't so yellow. but, I love them.
you should do ones of dad too.

nice work.