textile designs. poster.

branding: logo.

branding: envelopes.
branding: business card.
branding: letterhead.
CD package.
promotional poster.


Rich Nelson said...

Oh my gosh, Becca. You are so freaking talented!

-Shara (on Rich's computer)

Lindy said...

wow wow wow wow. i love your major and i love your talents.

emily snyder said...

holy!why i haven't i seen these!!!!??? they are so amazing!!

Jessica Lynn said...

Oh my Becca. Hey, it's me, Bod. I found your blog, obviously. What a thrill this is.

I think that this portfolio of yours is fantastic. I love all of them. You should probably open your own shop and start making bank. sweet!

K, I will now follow your life as told by your blog.