You know you're lazy when...

You sleep on your couch because you are too out of it to go downstairs to your bed. 
Yes, I did wake up with back pain. 
If you or someone you love is dealing with back pain, may I highly recommend sleeping on your back. It is oh so hard to get used to, but I promise it is worth it. When I lived with my Japanese room-mate she always slept on her back and convinced me to as well and let me tell ya- the best night's sleep I have ever had. If you put a bag of rice on your head it also helps because then you know if you move, the rice will fall. Try it. Change your life. 

In other news, remember Taylor Swift?
When she first came out with that Tim McGraw song I wasn't a big fan because I felt like she was piggy-backing on Tim' fame or something. But little Lizbert got her new album for Christmas and I am just loving it. I even read her album intro and I was oh so close to having a tear.

She is quite deep. Her album is called "speak now" referencing in wedding ceremonies when they say "speak now or forever hold your peace." And each song is a different story in her life when she wanted to speak but she didn't or times she wished she had, or things she wished that people had spoken to her. I love that she writes all her own songs.

My new goal: Start thinking about music the same way I think about art. I pretty much love all art when I know the background. When you read an artist statement next to their piece and it gives so much more meaning than just their image. So from now before I make a hasty judgement I am going to read someone's album intro and try to understand their artistic purpose. Maybe I will even call it my new year's resolution.


One foot of snow. Alleluia.

Well it's official, I like playing with the colors on my blog more than posting. But I do have excitingish news. I made a website. It took a long time, and I probably would never have done it if I hadn't had taken a web design class this semester. So even though it is not perfect and depending on which browser you use, it may not come up at all. I have a new respect for the experts of HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript goodness. To you who do those things for a living, here is a cyber salute! If you want to check it out, here it be: rebeccamade.com. There is also a little widge widget on the side for your button clicking pleasure.

Oh look, Paula Scher's Swatch poster.

Hopefully you skiers can get some fresh powder today. May your days be merry and bright!



our lovely apartment (Lauren Merkley's photo)

I so much love my roommates. Life is good when you have an awesome environment to come home to everyday. People that agree with you that we should recycle, and keep our apartment clean and have it smell nice and have clean carpet. We put up decorations and even Christmas lights lining the inside. I love living with them.

So, my roommate Sarah had a great idea for our ward Christmas party. We had to bring white elephant gifts so we decided to get some crazy frames from DI and put our own pictures in them. I thought it would be good to do our photos with a lovely soft focus and zoomed in on some big curls so we looked like the Olan Mills days. We did, it was great. Here they are.





brought to you by the letter "v"

Just realized something way important. Whenever I am in a weird mood, I resort back to my mother's idea of funny. She starts pretending like every word she says starts with the letter "v" and I totally do it. I was just singing the song "I got that joy joy joy joy down in my heart... WHERE?" and then I noticed that my roommates were tired of asking "where."

So I started walking slowly to my computer and said
I vuess I vill start vorking on my vebsite.

Thanks Denise. And Jessica Hische for the dropcap.



I am in a situation.
My ward "closing social" is on Dec. 10th. It should be awesome. Food, slideshow, possibly my room-mates and I sharing a special talent on stage (we still need to ask).

Now rewind to yesterday, my boss decides that we will have our work Christmas party on the 10th. Oh no, what is a girl to do? I have been brainstorming this party with my boss since probably July. I love love love all my co-workers and have been really wanting to meet all their significant others.

Both events start at the same time. I see people in my ward all the time and I see people at work quite often as well. But I have reduced my hours, meaning I see them less. While I stew about it-- I will keep singing this lovely song by Brandi Carlile.

And I discovered a new band! Well I didn't really bring them fame or anything, but I really love them. SJ and I decided they are a nice blend between folk and electronica and harmony time. Take a listen, if you would like.

For the record: the song is called "fall into love" but I am in a marriage prep class right now and I have learned a great deal. I just want to say that I do know that there is no such thing as "falling in love." It is a decision, it is not something that just happens to you and you have to go with it. You do have control. So even though I like the song, I do not approve their message. Thank your ladies and gentleman.

If you enjoyed it, here is another. If not, so sad for you.


Another Job

So yesterday I saw a friend from high school who is pregnant. She gave me a little update and then she said," So are you still going to school?"
I said, "Yeah I'm studying graphic design and then I graduate in April."
Then she said, "Ok so is anything else going on?"
I kind of laughed to myself but I didn't understand exactly what she was asking.Llike if she wanted to know if I was dating someone or engaged or something or maybe she had heard about Robert and I or something.
But I just said uh, no and we wrapped it up.

It is very interesting to answer people's questions based on how they know you or how often you talk. I wasn't going to start saying well yeah there is a lot going on: I just got hired as the designer for the Education in Zion gallery in the Joseph Smith building and I just won the HRS Christmas Card competition and one of my dearest friends has her mission farewell this week and I am making graduation adventure plans and I am throwing 2 bridal showers in the next 2 weeks and I just did a deep clean of my room and I made a delicious spinach and shrimp pasta last week and my roommates are absolutely wonderful and I love my ward and I am Relief Society president so I have several interviews to complete this week and my marriage prep class has been the most educational class I have taken at BYU and I love to go in and talk to my professor about why the world behaves as it does and I am writing a research paper about vintage aprons, scarves, and tablecloths that were created between the 1930s and 1960s and I am working on coding my portfolio website and I just got home from Boston with my sisters and I get to go to St.George for Thanksgiving and I just got some new grey zuriick shoes and I am absolutely loving them and I just finished studying for my organization behavior test and I am creating some wedding announcements for a friend in my ward and I just discovered some new music that is rocking my world.

Anyway, I didn't say all that but I am loving this last year of my BYU life. I saw some friends from freshman year the other day and as I walked away, I thought of how different I am right now than I was when I shared a bathroom with those girls. College has been good.
As I look toward graduation, I have already been making plans about which people I am going to meet outside of the Marriott Center to take a photo with in our caps and gowns.

Oh and family you might want to be prepared for a photo shoot because there are all these random place on campus that I love and as I have been walking around, I keep thinking- oh let's take a photo there with me in my cap and gown, oh and that tree I just love that tree, we'll need a photo there for sure.

I have also been more sentimental about the college experience because I am in an art exhibition about women and education and why it is important for women, particularly in the Church, to be educated. If you have any interest, come to the opening reception! It is called "After Eve" next Thursday, Nov. 18th and it will be at the Education in Zion Gallery in the Joseph Smith Building at 7:30, on BYU campus of course.



Many semesters ago when I was in my advertising class, our TA would show us the great examples. I am now wishing I could remember all of them but I did remember one of them this week and have been showing it to everyone I can.

This is another one I really love.

For FHE the other night, we had a YouTube night and everyone got to show a video. Well that was the plan, but we didn't get through everyone. I kept saying, "I have a video I want to share but it's not funny- it is just really beautiful." I probably said that exact like 5 times because I wanted to show it and I knew people would love it but I didn't want to be too domineering ya know? So once everyone left I turned to my room mates and said, "Ok I am showing you this video whether you like it or not." Success, but not enough. So I show you now: (Background- this was actually Melissa's favorite video first. She showed it to me in her apartment right after she got married when I was in my senior year of high school. Full credit goes to her and Aaron.)

Last but not least. Maddie introduced me to this a couple weeks ago. They are tap dancers and they do this to prepare before they actually do the moves with their feet. Truly inspiring.


I think I'll go to Boston

I may or may not have torn a ligament in my foot on a Tuesday. On a Thursday morning I boarded a flight- with my big boot and headed back east. When I came home, the boot was in my gracious mother's suitcase. Boston is a healing place people. Oh and look who I got to interact with:


It is the Weepies concert tonight and I am oh so excited. I am going with two of my dearest friends to listen to the loveliest of music. Every time I try to explain their sound to someone, I feel like I must use all my favorite words to describe them- like homey, inspiring, soft, kind, mellow, uplifting. Take a listen. Change your life.


My half birthday!

This morning I wrote the date for my paper I was writing and I did a verbal shout out to myself "October 12th alright! Happy half birthday to me!" This is one of those moments when I wish I wasn't in my own room and all my room mates are asleep so I can't tell the world. And I am anti facebook status updates. So just so everyone knows I am 22 and one half. Wohoo!
(my niece and nephew are helping me celebrate- how cute are those crowns?!)


I love love love BYU

Feelin good in the neighborhood. Yesterday and today it rained, meaning that I finally got a real taste of what this year is going to be like because in the fall and winter semesters you spend many more days walking to campus in boots and umbrellas rather than the perfect navy blue Target linen shorts, your Hanes white v-neck, and your mom's Hawaiian hay sandals.

Visual Aid (they are the Nephite sandals on me in the lower step there. Can't go anywhere without them. Thanks mom.)

As I ducked for cover under my itty bitty black polka dot covering (sung to the to tune to itty bitty yellow polka dot bikini please) I thought this is going to be a good year, my last at BYU. And truly, I am not ready to leave. Which is good because maybe in 8 months my opinions will have changed. But so many times I hear people say, "Oh I am just majoring in this or that so that I can get out of here" or "I am so ready to graduate and be done." No siree. I think it is finally sinking it what a lovely honor it is to attend a university.

When in my life will I get to study interesting things all day and expand my world and have experts of my field throwing information at me, and then even testing me to encourage me to read their provided material?
Too awesome.

Maybe I am a little late on the bandwagon or maybe it is because I am in all the classes I have ever wanted to be in and so it feels real good.

Anyway, here's to fall! But because I gave you a little snipit of that photoshoot up top, I shall explain and expound. Those are the darling chicas of my apartment last year in front of our apartment on the most darlingest street in all of Provo. Even though I am absolutely loving my new room mates and the new place, I do miss the old ones so so much. We took these photos our very last night together.

loved this New Era Mormonad.

All of the plants in the house--ok I lied. We're missing a few, what can I say we just love to bring nature indoors! We had a lemon tree, 2 randoms, a boxwood basil, mint, and thyme!

Room mate shots. Kelli and Sarah Jane were cheerleaders in high school so sometimes I have to prove to them that even though I wasn't a cheerleader- I still totally have good moves. See look how pleased Sarah is, she loves my herkie.

And the girls on the other side of the hall- they are way good at dancing, see. (Side note: they both really are really good at dancing. They even took a latin dance class together this summer, way cute right?)
Who wouldn't want to come home to this beauty each day with 3 awesome girls inside. I would have to say it has been the best year of my college experience. Thanks chicas.


Utah, we love thee.

If you are a true Utah lover you will know that my title, is the title of our state anthem. If I knew it, I would certainly be singing it the past 2 weekends. A little window view of my time in the beautiful Huntsville, Utah.

Then little Lizbert won a blue ribbon at the state fair! This is a close-up (as close as I could get zooming past the roped off territory) of the bag she made for 4-h.

I think this is a lovely photo of the artist and her creation. She looks so poised like a real woman. She is only 14. Wow. Don't worry though, the boys at my stake dance thought she was much older- oh yeah and the boy at the hot tub-- a bit awkward.

Distant shot and shout out to our Long-Horn crew in Tejas.

Most interesting part of the State Fair (besides the pig races and people watching) this udderly beautiful cow sculpture made completely out of butter. Sick.


I am officially an adult.

I shouldn't be admitting this, but here goes. All growing up we weren't allowed to watch TV on school nights. I longed for Fridays and Saturday mornings so that I could watch TV. On Friday afternoons, I would camp out for hours on the couch and get ready for the Olsen twins, Boy Meets World, a little Sabrina the Teenage Witch- all those good TGIF wonders. Without fail, my dad would come home from work and say," Why are you still watching TV, why don't you read a book or something?" I would roll my eyes and get back to Disney Channel.

Now here comes the shocker. Sometimes I would break the rules. If my mom wasn't home when I got home from school, I would turn on the TV (on a low volume of course so Melissa and I could still hear the garage door open). So today when I knew I would be coming home to babysit Lizzy, I thought oh I am going to be a nice sister and we can watch TV this afternoon.
Well maybe I wasn't really thinking of Lizzy- I was thinking oh wow I could watch my parents my TV on a school night and not even feel guilty about it.

But here's the kicker. I didn't come home and meet Danny Tanner.

No instruction from my favorite Ina Garten today.

I let the Lorelai's do their own thing.
I didn't even check in with Duff and Charm City Cakes.

No people, I read a book! I started this sometime last week and haven't wanted to put it down but somehow life gets too busy at the beginning of the semester to just read a book for fun. I knew the semester would only get more busy and I have been waiting for this book at the library all summer so I knew I wouldn't get it in my hands again (until I found out my mom had it the whole time: huge let down). So people- what did I do with my free afternoon on a school night? I read. And it was oh so good. I think I read the whole last half this afternoon and I just finished it a few moments ago. I am not even in an emotional mood, but I even teared up. It is so good. Put it on hold at the library, borrow it from your mom's aunt's neighbor. It is lovely and educational and inspiring and uplifting and appropriate and motivating and wholesome.

P.S. To celebrate my adulthood, I ate peaches and ice cream and listened to Justin Beiber while I wrote this... still an adult?