Best Buds

Laura got married. She moved here in 8th grade from California and her parents bought a house about 200 yards away from mine. We went to girls camp at Bear Lake and she was in my group and the rest is history. We have played soccer and kind of tennis for a few years. I would pick her up on the way to the bus everyday (yeah I had to leave a couple minutes early to compensate... ha) and we would tell the other if they smelled like eggs and should probably use a piece of gum, or which boys we talked to on msn or chatted with on a walky talk at night, we rode bikes all through the summer and played night games. When it was time to go home at night we would walk to the halfway point between our houses and then say marco and the other would say polo until we got to our house- yeah, we were that cute. Laura got a scholarship to play soccer at SUU so she moved to Cedar a few years ago. She had to go all the way there to meet her husband who is actually lives on the street just off of ours. She got married on the last day of BYU's finals, so I scrambled during the week so I could be there. I knew they were going to get married this summer when I first saw them together, but it wasn't until the morning of her wedding that I realized I was losing a best friend. It was the weirdest thing, it hit me right as I walked into the luncheon and I saw her in her cute little wife-looking dress. Even though I didn't get to talk to her much on the day of, I got to sit with her siblings at the luncheon and it was awesome. We had a blast, hitting our glasses with forks every 5 minutes for her and Tyler to kiss. Anyway, here is a picture at the luncheon. Of course she is blinking. Story of our lives.

I also got to celebrate another best bud. Miss Malinda had a birthday. It almost felt like my own birthday, that's how excited I was. Her birthday fell on the day right after we got home from Jerusalem and I called her last year and so I think for me, her birthday is like a symbol of our friendship- it's like our anniversary a little bit.

Moral of the story: I love my friends. Plus, Laura and Lindy are both really pretty so they make for good models in my blog.

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melimba said...

cute cute cute.
here's to good friends.

i'm glad you are my FOREVER friend... no matter what. lucky me.

love you.