lindy is engaged.

I am really happy for her. I think Malinda and Alex are a beautiful couple. When she called to tell me the news, I was in my bed in my pajamas with my whitening trays in... etc.... you get the picture. But I decided that I needed to see the ring right then and I wanted to take some pictures of them engaged because Melissa and Aaron took a few pictures of them the night they got engaged and they use them all the time. So here are a few of the remnants of that blessed occasion.
trying not to smile with my teeth (hello I couldn't have a big glare from my whitening tray!)
so cute. Al made sure he proposed on a Sunday because Lindy loves to be dressed up.

happy bride -to-be!


melimba said...

cute cute!
congrats to THE lindy lady!
love all the pictures, good thinking.

and love that he proposed on a Sunday b/c Lindy likes to dress up. MEGA PROPS to him on that one.

fun fun! and becca, that smile of yours=precious.

Lindy said...

this has been up for 2 whole days and i just found it. i can't believe i wasn't aware of how famous i am right now. i bet a lot of people read your blog and that means a lot of people see my face and stuff. i'm glad that i'm engaged and that you came... whitening trays and all. will you help me write a mass jc email soon? or is it late enough that i don't have to anymore. i need to call you, this is not the format for big long comments and junk. love you.