Hey team.
I am in a letterpress class called "type as image." In the class we will make images out of text. For example, last week I had an assignment to draw a fish but I could only use characters- like punctuation, letters, and numbers. This week's assignment is in riddle form. My teacher gave me a riddle and I have to make an image of the answer with the riddle text. It doesn't matter if this doesn't make sense. Basically the thing I need is help with the riddle. I have to solve it and then do my assignment. My room mates and I have come up with some ideas but I e-mailed my teacher and I still wasn't right. But I need to start my assignment and I can't even find the answer online (yep I totally googled it). Check it out:

I've heard tell of a noble guest;
man entertains him. He's not prey
to hunger pangs or burning thirst;
age and illness are unknown to him.
If the servant tends him well, satisfies
this guest who must go on a journey,
both will be happy in their home,
live in prosperity, surrounded
by a family; but there'll be sorrow
if the servant neglects his lordly guest,
his ruler on the journey. Think of them
as brothers, fearless of each other.
When they depart, together desert
one kinswoman (their mother and sister),
both suffer hurt. Let him who can
put names to the pair I describe -
the guest, then his servant, the host.

After I asked my teacher some questions, he said "It has very much to do with the pair and relationship." Any ideas would be very helpful.


Anonymous said...

your major is rough! WHOA!

bethany jane. said...

dang... that's intense. no idea. what were your guesses though?