Think Urban Farm

This semester I will be re-designing two different magazines. For my first one, I chose Urban Farm which is about sustainable city living and teaches people how to grow a garden on their porch and keep chickens... stuff like that. I have been working on a few covers but I am having a hard time deciding. I thought maybe I would post them on here and get some feedback, but then I remembered that I am really tired of critiques because that is pretty much what we do all day everyday in my classes and after awhile it starts to pull on your heart strings. And I am pretty much decided on the cover anyway. But in case my parents want to know what I am doing at college... here is a sampling. P.S. I really do like my major. It is cool.

thank you flickr for this picture. it is allowed because I am a student.

thank you flickr for this picture. persimmon- blessed fruit, not only because I had it in the holy city, but also because it is beautiful.

thank you flickr for this picture.
thank you flickr for this picture. I think this is my final answer. Mostly because I like it, secondly because it fits the point of the magazine the best.



I have been liking Norah Jones new album of music. But I don't love buying music- instead I listen to it for free online and then I get my fix of it and I don't need to purchase. So convenient and grooveshark makes that even easier for me.
But sometimes when I can't find the goods on grooveshark and the artist's websites, I have to resort to youtube. But sometimes that is ok because you discover local awesomeness like Chris Merritt or the latest discovery: Katie Brandeburg. Her cover of Lisa Loeb's "Stay" is quite nice. Listen to it here. Yes I do realize her glasses are very large.


Favorite Phrase revisited

I seem to blog whenever I am the busiest- oops. I have a project due today, a test due tomorrow, and an illustration project due tomorrow. Not to mention- the two letter pressed cards that are supposed to be done tomorrow by noon. Either way, I found this gem and wanted to share.