I accidentally gave administrative blog powers to my friend Amber. But it turned out to be a good thing because she shared this recipe with all of us. Speaking of recipes- sometimes I cook things and whenever they turn out pretty I like to take pictures- remember the plan at the beginning of the year. So here are some of the latest:

Macaroni grill's penne rustica. This time I used prosciutto instead of bacon but I didn't notice much of a difference. But for the record- it is not worth making if you don't have fresh rosemary to bake in with it.

My best friend Lindy is getting married! We decided to make her wedding invitations a little more funky than your traditional invite. I think they turned out very fun. Unique, just like Lindy :)

My mom and I made some soups for nephew Calvin's baby blessing. When I walked into the house, I beheld these most massivest onions. I had to take a photo. The can is supposed to help you understand the scale. Huge! Awesome.

Ok the latest. Last week Robert and I were looking through the Williams Sonoma catalog and they have those recipes in between all the neat tools so that you have something to cook once you buy all these fancy things. They had a recipe for chicken parmesan paninis and it looked delish. So we made them! Not too hard- but messy nonetheless. You cut the chicken into thin levels- like if you had a chicken breast you would make it thinner- I don't know the terminology but you would cut width wise rather than length wise. Then dip them in flour, egg, and italian bread crumbs with parmesan and put them in hot oil. After that you put them on the press with bread, tomato sauce, and mozarella. It was great because then I had leftover chicken to have with noodles and sauce the next day. Highly recommended. 4 stars. For sure.

Speaking of Robert- that is the name of my boyfriend. Now in case you don't believe me. I have proof.

See there he is with the chicken parmesan panini. Now your new shock is probably wow how did Rebecca score that cutie and is it for real, or maybe is that just a friend in the ward who she happened to be cooking dinner for?
No, it's the truth people. I even have more proof.

Anyway, I know it is weird to be that open on a blog but it's personal history. And he is just so cute, I have to share. It's my good deed for the day.
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