Birthday Blowout

Birthday = somewhat interesting this year. I used to love that my birthday was in April but ever since I came to college, it always has to be kept on the back burner. This year it fell on the last day of classes and I had some major projects due- including my redesign of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Who knew it was so hard to design a magazine? Now I know and so appreciate the thought that goes into creating a powerful, interesting, and legible layout. My goal with BHG was to space things out and get rid of all their colorful fonts. I used an older masthead from the 1930's for the cover and my teacher liked that so hopefully I get a good grade. I had everything done before I went to dinner with the fam on my birthday so I laid out the entire magazine in the waiting area at Carabba's and they liked it so that was the best present. I just wanted my mom to like it because she already likes the content of Better Homes and Gardens, so I knew that if she liked it- then I had successfully completed the task. She may be a bit biased though... I am her daughter.

Enough about academia- back to the boy. :) Robert's birthday was during finals and he had two scheduled finals- linguistics and spanish- that day so we decided that the day after finals would be our birthday blowout (Robert's lovely title, not mine). It was lovely to not have to accomplish anything. We had a lovely lunch, went shopping, took naps, I read about tulips in the latest issue of Martha --(did you know that tulips continue to grow after they are cut, they grow toward the brightest spot in the room about a half inch a day. awesome.). This is our only picture to prove that birthday blowout occurred. I struggle with the whole concept of photography in my everyday life. It just seems like such a hassle to have a camera all the time. If I did have a camera- we would have taken pictures of the lobster ravioli Robert had at Macaroni Grill- it was lovely, delicious, but not filling. If you get it, feast on bread first. Not that you wouldn't anyway, their rosemary bread is so great.


emily snyder said...

love the idea of birthday blowout!!! and very cute picture :)

melimba said...

cute cute.
and LOVE the redesign. nice work!

still not too sure of the "birthday BLOWOUT" title... you know what that word means to mom of two babies.


but, glad you had fun, nonetheless!
happy birthday to the TWO R's.

Mikael Squire said...

You are DARLING together!