Dinner Club

I am excited for something new going on at my apartment. I decided to start something called dinner club- ok I might need a new name. But still, it is going to be awesome. It isn't like a dinner group thing. It is hard to cook for one person because the world sells in bulk, not Costco bulk but just multiple people bulk. Take for example, celery. You have to buy the whole bunch. Everytime I buy celery, I have to make all my recipes that call for celery and then I am celeried out. Moral of the story- I want to try some new recipes and I why not rekindle relationships with people I love? If you are reading this and you haven't been penciled into the schedule- do not worry, it is not because I don't love you. It is because I haven't run into you the last week. I keep seeing these people on campus that I like. We chat and then I think hey why don't we eat dinner at the same time at my apartment. So last night I had some art friends over- I call them art friends because we have become friends through art classes. Either way, I think it turned out lovely. I am very grateful for my friends and having a lot of people to connect with and learn from.
On another note- if you want to notch up your deviled eggs a bit- add some finely chopped celery to the mixture and toss in a little old bay seasoning. Oh and who doesn't love a celery leaf garnish?



New obsession of mine. Ok I have only made it like three times in the past month- but people I am telling you- it will change your life. No more just allowing my tomato mixtures on a starch object be just pasta and salsa.
I have been wanting to try making some for awhile now because I read this book called "French Women Don't Get Fat" and it is all about living a healthy life by making small decisions every day instead of having to make drastic decisions like major diets or working out for several hours- instead just walk around more and don't take the car or make smart choices on desserts and only eat when you're hungry- which should be basic information, but somehow I really struggle with the "only eating when hungry" rule. Anyway, the author included recipes on fun things to make and I wanted to try her baguette recipe and then make some bruschetta for it but I kept putting it off.
Until I had an excuse.
Remember this cute couple? Well I gave them a certificate for a vegan meal because Al's family is vegan and so I thought I would try their family tradition. Wow. It is so hard. It is one thing to know what vegans do, it is another to try out their lifestyle- and I only did it for one meal. But let me tell you- it was hard and so many of the things I love have to do with butter and cream and meat. So no, I am not becoming a vegan anytime soon, but I enjoyed the challenge. So for starters we had bruschetta on toasted french bread and for our main course I made a hearty vegetable soup with onions, carrots, garlic, celery, cabbage, green beans, tomatoes, zucchini, and lots of cabbage. Oh and I added pasta at the end because it looked pretty. I had all these different ideas about what I could make but then at the last minute I gave up and surrendered to strict vegetables.
Now for my new love- my mom calls it great white. I don't know why because it isn't white but it certainly is great. What you do- get some limeade concentrate, and some water and a little sugar and then heat it up to dissolve the sugar. Then you freeze it and pour sprite or 7 up on it and mix it up= muy bien. I didn't know how much we would need so I opted to put the mixture into an ice cube tray which is great because then when I need a random snack, I can feel like I am in Hawaii for a few minutes.

Next, I went to Texas. I got to visit my precious little niece and nephew. I don't have any pictures because I never take my camera to Texas, but maybe Melissa will post a few that I can take. I love Texas. I love the food, especially Chacho's- they are known for their margaritas which is too bad because if there food is this great, then their margaritas must be awesome. They have really puffy tortillas that are more like pitas than tortillas and all the sauce is free so you can have as much avacado green sauce and mango salsa and pico de gallo that your heart desires.
Enough about the food- the children were adorable, Aaron gave some great advice and perspective, and Melissa was very caring. Basically, I don't know how people can handle life without sisters. They're the bomb.com.

After Texas, my apartment was in shambles as Kelli and I prepare for our stake pioneer trek renactment. We were pretty stoked- so stoked that we set up the tent outside our apartment and tried it out with our other room mate Aly, before we left. But I was a wuss and gave up after about two hours. Yes they did tease me, but truly- what kind of motivation do I have to sleep outside crammed with two girls in a two person tent when my warm bed is just feet away?
Here is the pre-madness craziness packing time.

Here we are listening to pioneer stories before dinner.

I am in the top left corner. My hat was too big so I had to pull it up for all the pictures. Real classy. It is like Jerusalem all over again.
Making peach cobbler in the dutch oven. I can't believe how motivating food is to me. After we got into the camp, I was tired after the 9 mile journey and I just wanted to sit around. But then I thought wait a sec- we need to prepare the dutch ovens and immediately I went into work mode. I found the knifes and talked to leaders and got the vegetables we needed and tracked down the dutch ovens. I made an assembly line with people to do lots of different jobs so that we could do everything to get the food done asap. After we finally got the ovens on the charcoal, I was way tired again- but something about food just makes me forget any fatigue I have. Ha, I wish I could be that motivated about everything else in my life.

You may recognize that photo tag from facebook. I took screen shots of these pictures and I guess we will call this a little shout out to Holly.



my loverly apartment

Fun fact. Today I am writing my 100th blog post. I never thought I would really make it this far. One day many years ago when I was living at the Regency and bored on a Saturday afternoon- I thought hm my sister's blog is so interesting and fun and wonderful, maybe I should create one. So beccabury tells was born. How do we celebrate? With Emily's strawberry pie of course. I didn't get a picture but it was delicious and a lovely tribute to my mom for mother's day. She even baked the pie crust. I am going to stop talking about it because now I am craving it.
So Emily made dessert and I made a chicken, shrimp, spinach, shallot, tomato cream sauce for penne. At the last minute my mom and I decided to add a ton more shrimp so it would go farther which was probably not the best idea because it looked very green goopish- but hey it was shrimp so it still tasted divine.

my current love- roasted tomatoes. change your pasta, change your life.

Well team, I guess I am in the wedding photography world. Not officially- but this week I had a past professor ask me to take photos of his daughter's wedding party at the temple. It is interesting thing to photograph and I have no idea what I am doing- but I did want to put up some pictures of Lindy's wedding- because I really loved how some of them turned out plus she hasn't put any up on her blog and I think the world needs to know how darling she was on her wedding day.

A very blue dress. A very lovely couple. A very wonderful wedding. And even better friends.