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Fun fact. Today I am writing my 100th blog post. I never thought I would really make it this far. One day many years ago when I was living at the Regency and bored on a Saturday afternoon- I thought hm my sister's blog is so interesting and fun and wonderful, maybe I should create one. So beccabury tells was born. How do we celebrate? With Emily's strawberry pie of course. I didn't get a picture but it was delicious and a lovely tribute to my mom for mother's day. She even baked the pie crust. I am going to stop talking about it because now I am craving it.
So Emily made dessert and I made a chicken, shrimp, spinach, shallot, tomato cream sauce for penne. At the last minute my mom and I decided to add a ton more shrimp so it would go farther which was probably not the best idea because it looked very green goopish- but hey it was shrimp so it still tasted divine.

my current love- roasted tomatoes. change your pasta, change your life.

Well team, I guess I am in the wedding photography world. Not officially- but this week I had a past professor ask me to take photos of his daughter's wedding party at the temple. It is interesting thing to photograph and I have no idea what I am doing- but I did want to put up some pictures of Lindy's wedding- because I really loved how some of them turned out plus she hasn't put any up on her blog and I think the world needs to know how darling she was on her wedding day.

A very blue dress. A very lovely couple. A very wonderful wedding. And even better friends.

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