Dinner Club

I am excited for something new going on at my apartment. I decided to start something called dinner club- ok I might need a new name. But still, it is going to be awesome. It isn't like a dinner group thing. It is hard to cook for one person because the world sells in bulk, not Costco bulk but just multiple people bulk. Take for example, celery. You have to buy the whole bunch. Everytime I buy celery, I have to make all my recipes that call for celery and then I am celeried out. Moral of the story- I want to try some new recipes and I why not rekindle relationships with people I love? If you are reading this and you haven't been penciled into the schedule- do not worry, it is not because I don't love you. It is because I haven't run into you the last week. I keep seeing these people on campus that I like. We chat and then I think hey why don't we eat dinner at the same time at my apartment. So last night I had some art friends over- I call them art friends because we have become friends through art classes. Either way, I think it turned out lovely. I am very grateful for my friends and having a lot of people to connect with and learn from.
On another note- if you want to notch up your deviled eggs a bit- add some finely chopped celery to the mixture and toss in a little old bay seasoning. Oh and who doesn't love a celery leaf garnish?

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nick said...

I was there for that and it was amazing! When are we going to do that again? Our house sometime?