President Samuelson

Today something wonderful happened. I was in the parking lot by the alumni building getting onto the scooter. Now today was a new and different work schedule for me, so it was pretty lucky that I got to be in this parking lot at this time. As I am weaving through the parking lot, I saw Pres. Samuelson and some unidentifiable man with white hair walking on the crosswalk. So I get to the stop sign waiting for them to finish crossing, while giddy with anticipation and anxiety wondering if I should say something but not really knowing what to say. But then when they got to the corner, he looked and me and smiled really big and waved! It was the sweetest. His face was kind of shocked like seeing an old friend and smiling really big. Cool right? Cecil thinks we are old friends or just connected by our allegiance to BYU. Go cougs.
This is not the face he gave when he was waving to me.
Oh yeah this is me hiking on the Y. That white stuff is the Y. I just barely hiked it for the first time. For Cecil of course.